Adopting a Homeless Female Cat

There is a new member in our family; it is female cat that I temporarily called “Sam or Sammie” short for “Sampot” a local dialect for someone who just came by without noticed. I have first saw her one night I am washing the pet dishes, I have heard a cat crying and when I’ve asked my mother about it she pointed out it was our orange kitten. It was a bit raining that night, then suddenly someone flash a light into me which surprised me so I shout out of fear, it was our younger cousin picking red pepper at night and when he came nearby I have asked for his light so we could check the corner where I have heard  a cat crying and there we found “Sammie” who’s a bit soak in the rain, I gave her food and  she disappeared the next morning and then showed up again the next night and then she started staying in our house even during the day.

Homeless Female Cat

One day she is out of sight after hearing a cat-fight the previous night, she didn’t came home for a day and the next morning I woke up I have heard a cat crying near the irrigation canal and when I look around I found “Sammie” in top of the acacia tree so I called her and she went down before I can find a post to poke her down. Since then she’s been in our home for almost a few weeks, she was a bit sick with colds maybe because from being homeless from unknown period.

Sammie has a color resemblance to “Dongsu” the cat we rescued from the tree and her tail was also the same with Dongsu’s sister, we are thinking they are related; they are either siblings or have mother and son relationship.

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Permethrin Shieldgard Anti-parasitic Dog Soap

Jihoo our dog is on leash since she was a puppy, we did it for her own safety because our house is near the busy road where there are a lot of vehicles going in and out from our barangay, we are scared that she might get hit since most of the neighborhood dogs stays in the street. Even she is on leash she isn’t safe from ticks and fleas since when I let her loose during her nature call she will immediately run to the neighborhood dogs.  Lately she is feeling irritated and scratched her skin a lot and loses a bit of hair, at first we thought she is changing her hair like what happened when she is growing up but little did we know it was worse than just losing hair.

I bathed our dog regularly and removed her fleas and tick but when I used a new shampoo that I didn’t use to her before she started losing more hair and she started scratching even more, her skin became drier, it was like she is suffering from dry scalp and dandruff. So when we went to a drug store and we found out that they are selling soap and shampoo for dogs I didn’t think twice and bought Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap, the soap is cheaper than the shampoos.

Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap

Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap is anti-parasitic it kills and controls fleas, ticks and lice. It also washes away dirt and grime and it is cheap for ₱77 for two pieces as they were on buy one take one sale.  Since I use the soap when bathing Jihoo she don’t scratch anymore and no more ticks and fleas on her skin, she smells clean and fresh too although her hair isn’t back to normal yet but the good thing it wasn’t dry like before,  there isn’t dandruff anymore.

Directions for Use:

Place dog on elevated surface during bathing to prevent unnecessary movements

  1. Wet dog thoroughly. Avoid water in ears.
  2. Soap dog all over. Especially in-between toes and armpits. Avoid eyes.
  3. Let lather stay 5-10 minutes (depending) on severity of infestation.
  4. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid eyes.
  5. Quickly dry dog with towel.

According to the caution indicated in the box Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap is for dogs only and not to be used to food, other pets or humans and should be avoided to be use on convalescing dogs, nursing bitches or puppies less than 12 weeks old.

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