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Deworming Dogs

Like kids dogs should also need to be wormed,  regular worming can protect your dog against internal parasites. You can either get it in liquid or tablet form. It is healthy to wormed adult dogs once  a year and if they are in contact with children dogs should be wormed at least once in every six months.

Dog worming is not just all about buying the medication for deworming which you can buy cheaply in local supermarket around you. It is essential and important that you know how to do the proper process for the care of your  pet, as what I have read the treatment should begin with heart worms because the medicine that is use to treat this type of worms are  also effective to treat round worms, whip worms and hook worms. Then the last one to be treated is tape worm which tickle the dog’s anus so when you see your dog dragging its rear end, he is probably infected with tape worms.

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Dog as Family

This photo below went viral on Facebook and I happened to see it on my wall, the dog named Douglas is helping the paralyzed old man to cross the street by pushing an improvised cart.  Mang Tony (the old man) was paralyzed when he was shot on his back on 1988 and after 21 years he found Douglas who serves as his feet and guide on the street,  together they begged for alms to survive.

Mang Tony is living alone and for him Douglas is not just a friend but his family. Their story is very touching, Douglas is very protective with Mang Tony, I hope the government could help them. Watch the full video here.

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Comfort and Pets

Owning a pet is not just like owning a toy that you could play anytime you want, owning a pet is a responsibility that  one should remember. It is like adding one member to the family because they are not just animals or pets that can just neglect when we are busy or something, they need love and attention too because they also have feelings that us human couldn’t understand as.

When I feel sad and lonely and there is nothing to talk too I hug my cat or puppy and sometimes I talk with them like they can understand what I feel, doing so I received a  feeling of comfort.

Anyway I always took a kitten or a puppy if we have one with me  no matter where I go around our neighborhood  especially when buying a viand in the nearby made shift canteen, the feeling of being alone while walking never existed because I have a pet with me.

Cat and Dog

Who said that a cat and a dog wouldn’t be happy together? It is an old saying, belief that cat and dog wouldn’t work together but I guess it depends, look how comfortable Jihoo with his cat friend.  It looks like they’re having a conversation eh, dunno what they are talking about.

Benefits of Dog Kennels

There are times that you are required to travel it is either work related or for leisure. Everything is set but there’s one thing stopping you and that is your pet, no one will took care of your dog while you are away especially if you are living alone. The good thing now a days there are dog kennels where you can place your dogs temporarily for a free. They provide priceless service and provide safe and friendly environment for dogs.

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Dog kennels establishments are can be ordinarily found in key cities, mostly in downtown areas and many of them also offer grooming and training services in addition to boarding, there are also some where you can buy accessories and clothes for your dog. Your dog might felt unfamiliar with the kennel surroundings so you should bring him for a walk before deciding to left your dog for short period of time.

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Cockatiel as Pets

One of our neighbor has  a Cockatiel  and  the bird is very disturbing  especially early in the morning where usually we are still sleeping. The bird just keep on crying everyday to my husband’s irritation because it is too loud and I supposed the owner was also disturbed by the constant noise from the bird after few days we can’t hear the bird anymore dunno if what happened to it. Maybe our neighbor return it to a pet shop or resell it to someone who can bear the noise of it, I think having that kind of bird will be a nice idea if you have no neighbors.

Cockatiel  is  is the smallest cockatoo endemic to Australia and  also known as the Quarrion and the Weiro. They are easy to breed and well known as a household pet and companion parrot throughout the world.

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