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Pets as Stress Reliever

I love animals, I love pets but there are some people who are allergic of having pets inside their home. One of my friend love pets but she doesn’t like them inside their house,  the big responsibility of petting them scares her.  The idea of giving them bath, cleaning the waste doesn’t attract her though she believed that having pet is  a stress reliever.

Well I guess she really needs one especially she mention her life is stressful now a days.  Pets are good therapy that’s why most of them are used as therapy dog in  popular hospitals they are proven to help patients suffering from coma or depressions.

Kids and Pets

I have read online that having a dog at home is helpful for kids to keep away from infections, those kids living in pet-free environment is healthier than those who doesn’t, they only suffer colds, ear infections in minimal amount.

Well I guess that’s how it works I remember the story of our Sociology instructor about her grand daughter, she told us that her daughter don’t let her baby plays in the dust or mud and every time her grand daughter went dirty her mother will always cleaned and used alcohol so one time she told her daughter to let the baby play so the baby could adapt in the surroundings and get used with dirt because the more she cleaned the baby the more the baby will get infections so I guess this is the same when having a pet as what Dr. Elija Bergroth suggested, exposure to dogs may help to boost babies’ immune systems by bringing in dirt and allergens from outdoors.

Healthy Happy Life for your Pets

It seems it was just yesterday when my sister brought a small puppy at home, now that small puppy grow to healthy and active dog.  Jihoo loves to play but he is mostly on leashed to avoid going anywhere and when ever they free him he always hang-out with another male dog instead of a female one.

Aside from giving your dog proper care and love it is important for a dog to eat healthy and balance diet. We all know that good dog foods are the expensive ones because they are formulated with complete nutrients. In Philippines local dogs eat what there owner eats, dog food are mostly feed to dogs with breed.