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New Cat

My family has a new cat again that made their cats to be three, so I asked my sister for a pic of their new cat and meet her below, as usual I forgot to ask the name of the cat. This cat came from my cousin one of the grand daughter of our late mother cat, Joven.

Dog Clothes

I have read that not all dogs are comfortable on wearing clothes especially  if it is their first time. They felt uncomfortable with it and take the clothes out of their body.  My family’ dog Jihoo is comfortable on wearing one, my mother and sister is looking around the thrift store when they saw baby clothes and they thought it will look good to our pet so they bought it. Dog clothes are not that popular in our place because most dogs are local or what they call askals.

Wearing clothing is a new experience to  dogs so if they are not comfortable on wearing one  try to wear your dog a tank top and  observed how he accept it, little by little he is going to be accustom with wearing clothes.

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Homemade Cat Food

Unlike most cat owners in the West cats are feed with cat food while South East Asian countries like Philippines most domestic cats are feed on what the cat owners are eating, like rice and fish. Sometimes our cats doesn’t eat what’s on their food bowl especially when it is too wet or dry and there’s no flavor on it. They eat a lot when there’s fish taste on their food, I have read online that cats in general are very fussy eaters like human they also have their own taste and likes.

That’s why it is difficult for cat owners to find a food that is nutritionally balanced and approved by your cat. The foods with the best palatability are those that do not contain artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives. Unfortunately many commercially prepared pet foods contain these unnecessary ingredients, therefore be sure to check the labels carefully to avoid these foods.