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Dog’s Health and Fitness

Keeping a dog as pet is a big responsibility, they are not just like your playmate or stress reliever. You need to take care of them by giving them proper food and nutritious diet. Regular exercise may also help to keep your dog healthy and in good shape, long walk is a very good exercise for them or playing with a ball.

With the technology today fitness machine are not only made for human, there are also dog treadmill which is made for dogs fitness, this is one of the best alternative when you don’t have time to take your dog for a walk at night or in the morning. A dog treadmill is a good substitute but it doesn’t fully replace long walk or run for your dog though this machine will help to keep your dog in good shape.

Dog treadmill also come on different sizes depending upon the weight of your dog, it is also available on manual, electrical, light weight and heavy weight.

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Kimchi Sleeping with Eggs

I just find this picture below cute, Kimchi is sleeping with the eggs below our  abuhan (stove). We are looking for her but we can’t find her around and when I went to the kitchen I saw her peacefully sleeping so I didn’t waste any time and I look for my camera to take a picture. Dunno what she thinks, my sister and mother says maybe Kimchi is thinking she is a chicken but I think she just find solace and warm in the chicken’s nest.

So every time she is missing around we already know where to find her.  Probably we are not going to be surprised anymore if the eggs hatched early. Hehe

Importance of Colostrum to Puppies

When I  arrived in our neighborhood what caught me is the tiny little dogs that are wandering to seek for food. They are very tiny that could be mistaken for chihuahua but they are not because they are local dog. I think they are too small because they didn’t get enough milk from the mother dog or they are not able to drink the first milk from their mother which is called colostrum.

Colostrum is the important first milk in puppies which provides nutrition, fluids, and immunity from disease causing organisms. Dogs and cats, like many other mammals, pass the majority of the maternal antibodies to the newborn via colostrum. Defined as the first 24 hours of milk flow following birth, colostrum is a highly concentrated mixture of large protein antibody molecules, water, vitamins, electrolytes, and nutrients

My Uncle who owns the dog call them Brahman’s dunno where did he get the name it is from the cow’s breed or from watching cartoons during day time.

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Playful Kittens

My family has four cats, two of them are grown up male and the other two are kittens from different mother cat. They got the other one from my aunt and the other one from a friend. When I arrived in our home one of the first thing I have asked was the name of the cats it turns out the two kittens has no name yet so I named them Soju and Kimchi.

Soju was for the male kitten and Kimchi for the female one which is the smaller. The picture below was taken on one fine day while we are in our backyard looking for the laborers removing the coconut roots. The kitten went out as well as they are like dogs they want to go where ever we want to go.

Probably Soju (the kitten sitting in the piece of wood) is in the mood for play so he keeps playing with Kimchi’s tail the thing though Kimchi is not feeling well as you can see she looks very pale and thin. She is sick for few days already, had a fever too on the last few days. So she is quite uncool when Soju plays with her tail.

Biking with Dog

I just arrived the other day from almost one month vacation in the Philippines if there’s one thing I enjoyed upon my stay, that is able to hold and touch a pet again. It was been a long time since I am able to do it, when I first arrived our family dog was not  happy to see me. He keeps barking and growling at me, probably because I am a new face to him but within few days he is already used seeing me but still we are not too closed that I am still scared to touch him alone.

One day my sister test our other bike and I asked her if she can took Jihoo for a ride as they told me already that Jihoo loves riding in that yellow bike with father. So she did, on their next trip my sister asked me if I want to go with them (Jihoo) I willingly say yes but it turns out Jihoo doesn’t like my presence or someone riding on his bike because the  moment I sit in the bike he growls and went down from the bike and when I went down he went up to the bike again, such a baby!

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