Archive for December, 2012

Curious Dog

Well I think curiosity is not just on human or cats, dog has their own curiosity too! Below Jihoo is very curious on what my mother is doing, my mother is playing games in front of my old laptop and our pet kept jumping and looking behind her back.  Probably he is waiting for his turn to play. Hehe

When I also sat in front of my laptop and play some games Jihoo did the same watching what I am doing. He is a very sweet dog and I already missed hugging him, right now I am just contented seeing our pet in pictures.

Cat and Boxes

I don’t know what is in the box when it came to cats. If there are boxes at home expect it that there’s one or two cats hiding and sleeping inside. Probably they feel comfort while they are in the box, my sister brought one box in our home so she could use to start a fire on our charcoal stove. So while it is not yet torn to pieces she just left it in our living room and as expected our cats went there and lie down.

Do you  know why cat loves boxes or fascinated with a box?