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Study: Cats Kill Billions of Animals Every Year

A recent study claims that cats kills billion of other animal  a year is not somehow surprising.  Most cat owners can attest that their cats will jump and run after a bird once seen, I think that’s their nature. Our cats also has the same behavior that sometimes even small chicks are mistaken to be a bird.

Our cats are also always curious into something, just scratch a piece of plastic together and they will run crying to the source of the noise.  They probably thinking it was food because they are use being feed with curls.

Anyway According to the study published Tuesday in the journal Nature communications, cats kill between 1.4 billion and 3.7 billion birds, and between 6.9 billion and 20.7 billion small mammals such as meadow voles and chipmunks every year.


Benefits of Dog Parks

Most pet owner took their pets for walk that’s why dog parks are popular in most cities but in rural areas dogs are free to wander and go anywhere which is somehow risky because they love to stay and play on the streets where fast moving vehicles are.

That’s why my family decided to put Jihoo on leash for his own safety, it is better to be careful than sorry.  It was right that dogs that are not on leash can inter-act with other dogs and has more energy as they can run and play freely but  of course we have to think of their own safety too with that dog parks are became beneficial because that’s where they can socialized with other dogs, run and play. A healthy lifestyle for a dog will reduce risk of obesity and other diseases.

On Buying Pet Supplies

Many families has their own  pet regardless of what type of pet it is. Most common pet among families are dogs and cats which are treated as part of the family. There are pet owners who loves to pamper their pets with gifts or pet supplies.

There’s a lot of options on where to buy pet supplies and the most  common way is buying from local pet store which is can be easily found around the place you live at. Pet stores are popular because you can physically examine the quality of each item before purchasing them but if you don’t have time to look and shop around there are online pet stores that offer more  convenient way of shopping in the comfort of your own home. You can purchase  pet supplies all in a matter of minutes.

Giving Your Pet A Well Pampered Life

There’s a belief that when a person can have a pet and be able to love it unconditionally, that person is kindhearted and can easily love other people as well.

These people will do everything just to give their pet the comfort that they need no matter how much it will cost them. They are actually treating them like their children. Right after birth, they also go their vets to have their regular vaccine shots in order to ensure a healthy life.

Some pet lovers would even invest for their pet’s house. Just like any other rooms inside the house, a pet’s corner is complete with their lavatory, pet bed, and any other stuff that they need. They believe that everything can turn out to be a good karma. Anything you do good even to animals can result to anything good to yourself.

More than the material things that you can give to your pet, your time matters to them. They are also like human beings who need attention and proper care. You get pissed off when your dad is always at work and can’t even attend your firs school recital it’s because his presence matters most. Same goes with your pet; they might not have any important events in their lives but your presence matters to them. Every time you arrive home, do not forget to give them a pat on the head or feed them. Even little things like these can already have a great impact to them. You will be surprised that even during time that you least expect their help, they are willing to give it wholeheartedly.