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Give your cat the bed of luxury

Dogs may be man’s best friend but cats are our superiors. They have a way of looking at you with complete disdain but they are also loving and dangerously smart. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your cat – a lot of them can open doors, get onto roofs and even find their way back to old houses hundreds of miles away. So treat your cats like the wonderful geniuses they are and buy them the best cat bed on earth.


It might seem like a strange theory but cats love the idea of igloo beds. It’s probably got something to do with the fact that the bed has a roof on it and cats have a thing for being enclosed. Don’t be surprised if you find yours has burrowed under the bed clothes and snuggled into the duvet when you’re not looking. Hairless cats in particular may feel the cold more so it’s logical that they’d want to be in the warmest place possible.

There’s also the option of tubular beds. These are particularly handy for kittens as their playful nature means they have the option of running around and turning their bed into a playground. An older cat probably has a more dignified nature so put a tube bed near to the cat’s favourite family member to make them feel a bit more secure.

Giant cushions

If you have a cat that doesn’t like to be covered, then this a more practical choice. Cushions make very useful travel beds because they’re easy to just sling in the car, or even rest on the seat. Cats aren’t the biggest fans of travelling so putting a cushion into the cat carrier may help to sooth them slightly on the journey.

If you have the space, put a soft, fluffy cat cushion by the radiator. Older cats in particular will be glad of the extra heat and will enjoy curling up somewhere soft. It may also stop them from pulling your laundry off the radiator, a common problem with some cats. There are some cushion-type beds that can actually be put in the microwave to heat them up. This is fantastic for the colder winter months or the odd chilly day when you don’t want to put the heating on.

Basket-style beds

If you have more than one cat, they may like to snuggle up together. If this is the case, a regular cat bed may not be large enough to fit. They might try to squash themselves in together anyway, but why should they be uncomfortable if you have the option of buying a larger bed? Something without a roof on gives your cats more freedom to move around and get themselves in the perfect position.

Choose something with a quilted fabric to ensure the cats can stay warm. Dog beds don’t tend to have as much padding in them so stick to one designed specifically for felines. There are some on the market that have detachable pillows so one of these is ideal for the winter months. The pillow can then be taken out when the weather improves to keep your cats cool in the warmer weather

About the Author: Cat (and dog) owner Lauren Sutton writes this article on behalf of pet accessories supplier Easy Animal. When not playing with her cat, Lauren can often be found instructing him off the sofa into his own bed!

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Why Buy Pet Products Online

If you are interested in buying pet products but you are looking for  a great deal buying them online is a good choice. You will save money without giving up anything in terms of quality. Buying cheap online doesn’t always mean that the products are  less quality on what can you get from a local store.

Many online stores offer higher quality products on different prices, for you to find a good deal you should compare multiple sites for the same product you are planning to purchase. Comparing prices online is the best way you can find best pet products for cheap.

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Tonik, Dog with Human Face

I just found this online, Tonik which is a dog with human face is available for adoption. I wonder why his old owner abandon him, he is so cute and adorable. I hope someone could adopt him and give him good home and life,  he is currently in the shelter waiting for someone to adopt him.

[Image not Mine]

Adopt him before it is too late, I have read that animals were not adopted whether they have human faces or not — have to die because the shelter cannot support them all. So please have a heart …

Secrets To Good Canine Health

When we think of our own health, we think about physical and mental aspects of ourselves. How is our nutrition? Are we dealing with too much stress? How much exercise are we getting? These are all questions that we relate to human health, but they are also extremely important aspects of good canine health. Following are the major secrets to good canine health.

Proper Canine Diet

Even though our dogs are not living in the wild, they are still canine, and they need a diet that canines thrive on. For instance, in the wild, a canine kills an animal such as a rabbit and then eats the rabbit meat as well as the organs, and stomach contents. In addition, during bigger kills, bones are often chewed clean by canines.

Huge pet food manufactures are still pushing their products as healthy for our canine friends by claiming they have real meat, healthy vegetables, and added nutrients that support good canine health. However, their promises are not always fulfilled.

Dog kibble goes through a lot of processing before it becomes kibble. Just as processed foods are unhealthy for us, they are also unhealthy for our pets. Many of the nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and protein, are lost throughout the process due to high heating levels.

In addition, some pet food manufactures are trying to trick us by label splitting. While meat should be the main ingredient in a food, often corn or grain is. The manufactures label their food with a meat source as the first ingredient, which means that it should be the bulk of the food, but then label three variations of corn products throughout the ingredients as well. In the end, corn products is what makes the bulk of the food (often called filler) and meat comes in second.

Good canine nutrition starts with us. It is important to understand our dog’s needs, and read labels and understand what they mean before buying any kind of dog food.

Adequate Exercise

Not many dogs will turn their nose up to a walk. While every dog requires a different amount of exercise throughout the day due to their age, breed, and natural energy level, one thing is for sure, our dogs are not being walked enough.

Obesity is becoming a major problem among our dogs, and obesity can lead to all kinds of issues such as joint, heart, liver, digestive, and lung diseases. It is our responsibility to understand how much exercise our dog really needs and give it to them, so that they can live out a physically healthy life.

Canine Mental Health

This is probably the most overlooked secret to good canine health. A dog can get easily bored when he or she is not stimulated mentally.

Exercise doesn’t just help your dog physically; it also contributes to good mental health. Going out for walks allows a dog to discover the world around their house, and they learn more about the world with each sound, smell, and experience they have, just as we do.

Moreover, activities such as training that require your dog to think, recall, and learn, are all very beneficial to their mental health. They become happier with their day, more confident in themselves, and feel more connected to you.

Dogs are pack animals, and they need companionship in order to stay mentally healthy. Watch any dog who is left in the backyard all day, with not much interaction, and you will see that they can exhibit a number of emotions such as boredom, aggression, depression, and anxiety. All of these emotions can be very hard on their mental health and cause behavior and physical health issues as a side effect.

In the end, the secrets of good canine health are similar to the secrets of good human health. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and mental stimulation are important to the health of any canine. When we take on the responsibility of a dog, we commit to giving them the healthiest life possible.

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Dog Beds and Your Pet

The value of caring for their pets among pet owners doesn’t  only mean feeding them well, it also refers taking good care of their diet and health. Some pet owners provide special products and accessories to their pets like buying them toys, special beds, clothes, collars,  bowls and a dog home.

Dog beds can provide highest level of comfort to pets they have many practical functions, such as giving warm to your dog from the floor. This is especially nice during winter months. There are pet beds available in the market that are durable and reliable such as basket dog beds, fiber and puff ball beds.