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Obedience Training for Dogs at K-9 Companions

Do you send your kids to summer camp for a couple of weeks to learn basic socialization while having fun? Now you can send your precious pup or canine companion to doggie boot camp to learn obedience training. Imagine a dog that is completely house trained with excellent manors, free of behavioral problems and a happy member of your family. Well-socialized dogs react well to people as well as other dogs without nipping, jumping, lunging, growling or cowering.

Obedience training performed at a professional facility using trained and caring professionals is a highly effective and natural way to treat your pet. Training methods are based on behavior modification and positive reinforcement customized for the breed and temperament of the trainee. Dog owners can choose from a variety of packages and training levels including:

Dog Training

  • Basic Obedience Training – dogs learn the basic commands of obedience training: sit, stand, come, stay and down for direct communication with their owners. Puppies are trained at home as early as eight weeks old and may graduate to boot camp for higher-level obedience courses.
  • Socialization – dogs learn how to play nice with other dogs in groups
  • Etiquette – training for doggie manners when meeting and greeting at home as well as in public places while under control
  • Behavior Modification – customized drills include verbal and hand commands for easing anxiety, fear or other behavioral issues that lead to aggressive behavior

Take a look at obedience training at for the original training professionals who do it all for you.

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Importance of Dog Grooming

Dogs are not just man’s best friend they are also simply part of a family. I found this dog in  a restaurant cute and entertaining, he is already shivering in cold but didn’t bother to call the attention of his human by barking or making noises, he just keep standing in the chair and look at his human to put him down or give him  a hug.

Cute Little White Dog

The weather was not that cold but maybe because the dogs  is newly groom, his hair is newly shave he felt cold than normal.  I have read that grooming your pet is important to keep them healthy, comfortable and active. Regular grooming can also keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny. Recurring grooming should also include nail clippings, teeth brushing, and ear cleanings. If you can, you should start grooming your dog at a young age so it becomes routine to them and they don’t learn to fear the process.

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