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Family Dog Jihoo: A Sad Goodbye

We care our dogs as part of the family, our little baby and the source of entertainment when we are down.  I have blogged a few days ago that Jihoo, our family dog is sick. He stopped eating for unknown reason and just two days ago he left to dog heaven. It was very saddening my family misses him so badly because he is a sweet lovable dog.

Sleeping Dog

I first met him when I went home for vacation because Jihoo didn’t see me before and not familiar with my smell he keeps barking at me and doesn’t want me to be near him. As I am the one who feed him and walk him around when he needs to Poo he eventually likened me and doesn’t bother anymore if I put him in the head or hold him from time to time. What I missed about him is when he knew he did something wrong he will hide his head somewhere as if he is ashamed or afraid to be punished.

The picture above was his last picture taken before he got sick. 🙁

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Sick Dog: Jihoo Refuses to Eat Food

My family informed me that Jihoo is sick, he is not eating nor drinking. They tried to feed him by opening his mouth and giving him food but he was restless and doesn’t like to be touched. It seems he is in pain, afraid of being bitten by the dog my family didn’t try to open his mouth again to put some food, they just left food near him.

Sick Dog

I have told my family to bring Jihoo in a pet clinic but unfortunately there’s no pet clinic around. Our province is like a typical rural province in the Philippines where dogs were feed left over food or people food and bringing dogs to a vet is not the foremost concern.

I have read that refusing food  can be a sign of many serious illnesses of pets and can be especially damaging to the health, as they cannot talk it is hard for us humans to know what they are suffering unless they are brought to professional pet doctors.

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How Dog is Cat?

This year, O2 have launched one of their most successful advertising yet, in the form of their ‘Be more Dog’ website and adverts. Without explaining too much, cats just run around like dogs and catch Frisbees and stuff. If you haven’t seen it then it’s best to just watch it:

One of the most noticeable things is that, if you really think about it, there’s little to do with O2s services throughout any of this. So that enables the rest of us to do equally tenuous links to the advert itself. For that reason, we can look at the behavior, psychology, and any other factors to determine just how dog-like cats are.

It may be worth noting that there is no actual science in this. If you require some science then you should probably look elsewhere. Instead we’re going to mark cats out of 10 for how dog they are, e.g. a cat is 7/10 dog.


How does a dog behave? Due to their ability to be trained quickly, they often behave how you want them to. Regardless of that though, you’ll get a few servings of unwavering enthusiasm for whatever is in front of them.

Cats on the other hand, can and will not be trained. Their behavior is mainly dictated by their breed, age and how hungry they are. The only variation in this can appear when they’re unhappy, which will often result in a mess being made in your house somewhere, which you can’t train them not to do.

Dog behavior out of 10: 4


For anyone that likes a real-sized dog, and by that we of course mean spaniel and up, a lot of cats just don’t meet the mark. Large dog breeds such as St. Bernard and Neapolitan Mastiffs can weigh anything up to 12 stone, far off that of the biggest common domestic house cat, the Maine Coon, which weigh up to 1.8 stone. That’s only 1/6th of a dog. 1/6th of 10 is 1.8, so cats score 1.8 out of 10 for size.

Dog and Cat Together


We spend literally about five minutes searching on the internet for these results and couldn’t find anything conclusive, however, there’s a lot of speculation that cats can generally run faster and longer than dogs. We were unsure about this, but then we remembered that cheetahs are the fastest land animal on earth.

This means that cats not only match dogs on speed, they also overtake the, literally, giving them a speed score of 12 out of 10.


The health of a cat or dog depends on the breed, living conditions and diet. In the UK, the vet bills are pretty equal, and treatment for your cat such as frontline for cats is around the same price as the dog version. For that reason it’s hard to give them anything but 10/10


Hopefully you’ve found this in-depth and scientifically accurate article very informative, but the conclusive result on how cat a dog is cannot be outlined too easily, but we have deduced that cats are exactly 6 dogs out of 10.

Please get back to us if you want to add any more factors into this careful calculation.

Tom blogs about everything he likes and some things that he doesn’t. Amongst his main blog topics, he can always find the time to talk about pets. 

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3 Girls Crush an Innocent Puppy to Death

Netizens are demanding action from the authorities after a graphic video of animal abuse has gone viral on social media. The 20-minute video shows three girls taking turns kicking and stepping on a white puppy with black markings while it cry in pain. The video ends with the puppy presumably dead, immobile and no longer crying out as all three girls put their full weight on it.

 3 girls in viral puppy video

[Photo grabbed online]

 It was reported that the video was called “crush”,  it is a type of pornographic material that are sold on the Internet,  depicted extreme cruelty to animals, such as a rabbit which was skinned alive and set on fire.

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