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Cat Hit by a Truck

Pets are like family members; we cared and love them unconditionally. So when they get sick and hurt we also felt worried and disturbed. It was just less than a month ago when we brought two kittens home from Manila, they are slightly bred compare to local cats.

It was very heart breaking to see your pet lying in the ground of a private road after being hit and smashed by a heartless truck driver. It hurts to see how the life of your pet being robbed in front of your eyes. What is more disturbing is when you confront the driver and instead of being sorry, he just treats it as nothing happened with a smile on his face as in there is no remorse at all. How conceited!

Black Kittens
Our house is situated in a lot owned by my grandfather; it was divided into 8 siblings. Few of my aunts build their house at the back which is a vacant and unproductive field before houses were built.

When construction materials are being delivered, the trucks go inside since the road is wider to accommodate a truck; the front lot was not yet fully occupied unlike the field part. It was the construction delivery people’s responsibility to check if there’s dog, cat or kids around because it was a private property where kids sometimes play and run and dogs rest and sleep but they failed to do it that day, was informed by a young cousin once removed that happened to be in our house after being sent to have a documents to be photocopied that one of their delivery team went down and only removed the ball in site but didn’t seen our black kitten on the way and it happened. I couldn’t say it was an accident because it happened because of their carelessness.

Seeing my kitten lying in the ground, with stomach parts out made me shiver, I felt like crying but there is no tears flowing in my eyes. I was shocked, it was just minutes ago when I fed him with other kittens, it was only few minutes ago when I saw him alive trying to get well, he is a bit sick after I fed them with sardines in can since we are not able to buy them fish. Yeah, right our cats has separate viand from us, they have their own fish. I also bought milk for my kittens and even feed them pellets since they eat it as well and seeing your kitten died because of someone’s carelessness is not easy to bear.

My sister cried her heart out, and cannot control her feelings especially when she saw the driver smiling his heart contents after the truck went out in the main road. I felt the same way upon hearing it while digging for my kitten’s resting place. We may be at fault for letting the kittens out but it was a private property where not every day a truck or car passed by and the dirt road was situated between two houses. It was unnecessary and heartless of the truck driver to ask us to talk to the person were construction materials were delivered. It sounds like he wanted us to blame their customer, isn’t it? It is their own responsibility; they should inform us or home owners that they are coming in to deliver something so at least their’ pets could be put kept to safety. He should at least felt sorry and show a remorse for what happened but he didn’t not, such a heartless person indeed!

With this incident, I hope other people are considerate of pet owner’s feelings; pets are like kids too and should not be treated as just a plain animal without feelings. They might be just an animal to their eyes but it was someone we cared so much, a pet we love. +

What you do to others comes around; life is like a wheel after all!

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Bird in Flight: Two Birds Got Lost from their Nest

The other day, while busy into something I overheard my mother and sister talking about finding two little birds in my shoes and planning to give them to my 3 year old second cousin once removed. I immediately finished what I am doing before my sister can go out to hand the birds, I disagree with my mother’s plan and reasoned a lot that birds has family too; it has parents, brothers and sisters. It was not a good idea to play with the birds because it has feelings too and they should be freed and not to be put in cage.

Maya Birds

I was told that they are pest in the rice field and there are a lot of them, I could free them but I have to take charge of looking after the birds in the rice fields or even so I freed them our cat will eventually catch and killed these tiny birds. I am firmed with my decision so I didn’t hand them to my sister; I took them to take photos. I put them in our window but as the stronger bird trying to fly, it fell outside so I went out to pick it that’s where my father saw me and I told him my ordeal, he disagree too of giving them to a little kid to play or to be caged, he also want to free the birds.

After a while, I went to our roof top and put them in a place where our cat couldn’t reach and then closed the door that goes upstairs, when I returned to check the birds a bird fly away and one bird was left so I went down to bring water and rice to feed the remaining bird. Hoping the second bird can learn how to fly sooner and be safe.