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Meet Taejo: The New Member of Our Kitty Family

Meet Taejo, he is my new adopted homeless kitty.  My sister and I found him in our grandmother’s backyard crying and looking towards our home, I guess he knew that we have many cats.

It was a few nights ago when we started hearing a kitten crying  and since there are several cats that stays in the church we just thought the mother cat brought her kittens there, I have managed to see the kitty in the church rooftop when I went upstairs our house to hang clothes and whenever I called him, the kitty responded meowing and there are times I saw our older male cat visiting the kitten.

One night, we heard the kitty cries quite loud pertaining he is quite near so my sister and I went out to see where the cries coming from and that’s where we found the kitty I named Taejo in our grandmother’s yard.  It was a good thing Taejo is a male kitten because if he was a female my mother will not like it since we already have many cats at home.

Taejo is such a cutie with big round eyes, he cries a lot whenever he is hungry and he loves to be bath.  His color is like our young male cat “Suhee”,  so we suspect they have the same father. It took only less than a day for the cats to like him, they accept him as their younger brother right away.

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In Memory of Our Cutie Chubby Kitty Taekwoon

Every morning when we wake up our kittens were already waiting behind our main door so when we opened it they will excitedly run inside our house to play and asked for food. Today, there is something different one kitten (Taekwoon) is missing and we can’t found him everywhere, we search here and there but he isn’t around. It is peculiar because it is not his norms to be not around in the morning.

My sister search around and asked neighbors were one of them says that they found a dead cat which looks like a mother cat that was been a victim of hit and run just about an hour ago, were told that they throw it in the irrigation canal.  I have asked the kid who found the dead cat what does it looks like and show here a photo of Taekwoon in my phone and her answer is positive, it was the dead cat she found in their yard. It turns out at night Taekwoon loves to run across the street and after reaching the other end he will run back home.

Taekwoon (May 28, 2016 – December 02, 2016)

Sad, my sister went searching along the irrigation canal and when she returned it was indeed Taekwoon, cold and wet.  It was very painful to see the sweet, chubby and playful Taekwoon in such condition, it was just last night when I cuddle and feed him, it was just last night when he cried into my ears but now he is gone.

Taekwoon was born on May 28, 2016 as the eldest of Monina’s four kitties. His feature is very distinguish because of his long ears, red nose and chinky eyes, when he was younger he looks like a rat than a cat. Surely our cutie Taekwoon will be forever be missed, our chinky eyes kitty will be always in our heart. In heaven, your playground will be more wider with no cars, bikes to fear around.

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Adopted Three Abandoned Orange Kittens from the Street

It was been a while since I updated this blog, starting today I will try to update more often and post something new or what is happening around our pets.

We have been adopting abandon kitten from the streets but they don’t live that long maybe because they were too young when we found them or they’re been out for a long time since we found them and when they’re mixed with each other they got each other disease since they ate and drink together.

Anyway, it was been a month since we found and adopted these three kittens in the middle of the street. We saw them when we are going to town walking at the side of the street and when we returned home from town they were all in the middle lying down. We stopped for a moment, we’ve all agreed not to pick new kittens anymore but when the kitten cries and follows me when I went down our motorbike I took all of them home.

Our cats at home were not happy with the new kittens, they don’t get a long on the first day. They either run or fight with the kitties but as the day goes by they learn to accept and adapt with each other, we named the three kittens according to their behavior or likes.

We name one of them as Jinja from our dog’s name Jinjoo. Jinja wasn’t afraid of our dog contrary to two other kitties, he actually sleep with her and suck milk from Jinjoo making him her puppy.  I think they are still nursing to their mother cat when they were thrown in the street by their previous owner.

The second was named Patpat from our duck’s name Patutinay, unliked Jinja, Patpat found motherly love with our duck, he plays and hugged with her.

We named the third kitty as Jinjii, he is the frailest and smallest of the three. He is always left alone by Jinja and Patpat, Jinjii found motherly love in one of our older kittens.

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Adopting a Homeless Female Cat

There is a new member in our family; it is female cat that I temporarily called “Sam or Sammie” short for “Sampot” a local dialect for someone who just came by without noticed. I have first saw her one night I am washing the pet dishes, I have heard a cat crying and when I’ve asked my mother about it she pointed out it was our orange kitten. It was a bit raining that night, then suddenly someone flash a light into me which surprised me so I shout out of fear, it was our younger cousin picking red pepper at night and when he came nearby I have asked for his light so we could check the corner where I have heard  a cat crying and there we found “Sammie” who’s a bit soak in the rain, I gave her food and  she disappeared the next morning and then showed up again the next night and then she started staying in our house even during the day.

Homeless Female Cat

One day she is out of sight after hearing a cat-fight the previous night, she didn’t came home for a day and the next morning I woke up I have heard a cat crying near the irrigation canal and when I look around I found “Sammie” in top of the acacia tree so I called her and she went down before I can find a post to poke her down. Since then she’s been in our home for almost a few weeks, she was a bit sick with colds maybe because from being homeless from unknown period.

Sammie has a color resemblance to “Dongsu” the cat we rescued from the tree and her tail was also the same with Dongsu’s sister, we are thinking they are related; they are either siblings or have mother and son relationship.

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Permethrin Shieldgard Anti-parasitic Dog Soap

Jihoo our dog is on leash since she was a puppy, we did it for her own safety because our house is near the busy road where there are a lot of vehicles going in and out from our barangay, we are scared that she might get hit since most of the neighborhood dogs stays in the street. Even she is on leash she isn’t safe from ticks and fleas since when I let her loose during her nature call she will immediately run to the neighborhood dogs.  Lately she is feeling irritated and scratched her skin a lot and loses a bit of hair, at first we thought she is changing her hair like what happened when she is growing up but little did we know it was worse than just losing hair.

I bathed our dog regularly and removed her fleas and tick but when I used a new shampoo that I didn’t use to her before she started losing more hair and she started scratching even more, her skin became drier, it was like she is suffering from dry scalp and dandruff. So when we went to a drug store and we found out that they are selling soap and shampoo for dogs I didn’t think twice and bought Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap, the soap is cheaper than the shampoos.

Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap

Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap is anti-parasitic it kills and controls fleas, ticks and lice. It also washes away dirt and grime and it is cheap for ₱77 for two pieces as they were on buy one take one sale.  Since I use the soap when bathing Jihoo she don’t scratch anymore and no more ticks and fleas on her skin, she smells clean and fresh too although her hair isn’t back to normal yet but the good thing it wasn’t dry like before,  there isn’t dandruff anymore.

Directions for Use:

Place dog on elevated surface during bathing to prevent unnecessary movements

  1. Wet dog thoroughly. Avoid water in ears.
  2. Soap dog all over. Especially in-between toes and armpits. Avoid eyes.
  3. Let lather stay 5-10 minutes (depending) on severity of infestation.
  4. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid eyes.
  5. Quickly dry dog with towel.

According to the caution indicated in the box Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap is for dogs only and not to be used to food, other pets or humans and should be avoided to be use on convalescing dogs, nursing bitches or puppies less than 12 weeks old.

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Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Kittens are indeed cute and adorable, I was busy preparing the moringa leaves that we are going to mixed with the pork ginger soup when my sister call me from the outside, she is saying something about “Jiyong”, our orange kitten which annoys me thinking why I have to be called when she’s there to look after the kitten.

It turns out the kitten climb into the drift wood and made some faces while enjoying the sunlight and my sister is asking me to take some photos of Jiyong. We put the kitten on leash because she is having a diarrhea and it is quite dirty to let the kitten inside our house in her state. It has been a few days since I put the kitten near the grassy field every morning so she could eat some grass to cure her stomach problem. Well it was just my observation that our older cats eat some grass and then throw up  afterwards, I have read somewhere that cat eat grass to cure their stomach ache and eating grass can help to  clear their stomach of fur, feathers, parasites or bones, which can irritate the digestive tract or even cause more lasting illness. I have noticed since a few days ago our kitten’s poop improved a bit unlike before that her poop just leak anywhere and anytime.

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Jiyong: The Cute Orange Kitten Found in the Public Market

Meet the newest member of the family, Jiyong. We found her in the public market one evening, we are walking along the vegetables market when my sister see her roaming around, I immediately picked her and at first I was hesitant to bring her home with a thought that maybe someone owns the kitten and I’ll be in trouble if seen taking it away.

Cute Orange Kitten

My sister then told me just to bring the kitten home because nobody owns it, it was just one of the cats that scavenging in the market.  Jiyong as my sister named her is a playful, soft and lovable kitten, when she first arrived home she doesn’t response when called but later on when I called for food she will be the first one to run ahead of me.

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Jaebeom: The Cute Hyper-Active White Kitten

On one of the three kittens that we found in the garbage pit the smallest one was the one I adore so much, my family named her Jaebeom after the main character in a Koreanovela they’ve watch recently. Jaebeom has a twisted foot but she is a very active kitten who runs and plays a lot but things changed when our dog bit her when she run after the chicken bone I had thrown, our dog thought that little Jaebeom will stole her bone so she become very angry at her. I immediately pick the bleeding kitten, I was in awe because I was just getting the bowls to feed them, my sister and I immediately look for the kitten’s injury but we didn’t find any, the kitten’s primary foot were left paralyzed and was very scared that when we dropped her in the floor she will run quickly to hide her head somewhere.

The incident accidentally happened last night and until today little Jaebeom wasn’t able to eat yet and still scared, so I bought milk powder in the store and force feed her. The good thing her two other siblings take care of her, cleaning her when necessary. I hope little Jaebeom will get stronger and feel better in coming days because she is such a cutie, and she also knows how to play cute in front of a camera.

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Adopting Three New Cute Kittens

Here are the new kittens we adopted from the street, we are going home from town when we passed by these cute kitten in the garbage pit. My sister initially saw them while driving; we stopped about a few meters away to check but then the kittens started running towards us so I have no choice but to went down and picked them. The kittens want us to take them, they picked us as their new owner.

Three Cute Kittens

Bringing them home, made our older cats aggravated they don’t want the kittens  to be near them but after a few days they were already used with the kittens being around and they don’t mind their presence anymore. The kittens are very playful and they run  hyper-actively. The white and smallest kitten of the three has a birth defect, her one foot in the front is twisted just like Monina‘s foot but it wasn’t a problem because she is the most playful, she run and jump like a normal kitten.

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Kat-kat : The Playful Kitten from the Surplus Shop

Shopping for second hand clothes when they are on huge sale is one of the things I enjoy the most, it is somehow therapeutic for me. We normally do it in well-knows surplus shop but a few months ago we decided to go to a smaller surplus shop because they were on sale that day. While looking around the surplus clothes a kitten passed by, the sale lady picked it up and when she put it down I picked it up and give it a touch. The sales lady then asked me if I want to bring the kitten home,  I check it first if the kitten is a male or female since we already have a lot of kittens at home we have adopted from the street.

White Orange Kitten

The kitten was a male, so I have asked if the owner is giving it away, the sales lady replies yes just asked his “Kuya” but we told her she should do it for us since we don’t know his employer so she did, and the surplus shop owner gave it to us and we bring the kitten home.  I named him “Kat-kat” derived from the surplus shop’s name, Kat-kat Ukay-Ukay.

Kat-kat is such a playful kitten, he plays a lot from wires to rags. On his first three weeks at home, it was a pain to teach him where to litter. He keeps doing it in my father’s room below the cabinet and speakers, I almost give up cleaning his smelly poop. We decided not to let him in during the night because we noticed he just do littering inside at night, and during the day he did it in the sand but Kat-kat is such an intelligent cat when he found a way how to get inside by following the older cats but his ways didn’t change he still poop inside because it seems he is so lazy to go outside but when my father built windows in his rooms and Kat-kat grow a bit older he already learned to do his business outside. What a relief that was!

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