Permethrin Shieldgard Anti-parasitic Dog Soap

Jihoo our dog is on leash since she was a puppy, we did it for her own safety because our house is near the busy road where there are a lot of vehicles going in and out from our barangay, we are scared that she might get hit since most of the neighborhood dogs stays in the street. Even she is on leash she isn’t safe from ticks and fleas since when I let her loose during her nature call she will immediately run to the neighborhood dogs.  Lately she is feeling irritated and scratched her skin a lot and loses a bit of hair, at first we thought she is changing her hair like what happened when she is growing up but little did we know it was worse than just losing hair.

I bathed our dog regularly and removed her fleas and tick but when I used a new shampoo that I didn’t use to her before she started losing more hair and she started scratching even more, her skin became drier, it was like she is suffering from dry scalp and dandruff. So when we went to a drug store and we found out that they are selling soap and shampoo for dogs I didn’t think twice and bought Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap, the soap is cheaper than the shampoos.

Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap

Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap is anti-parasitic it kills and controls fleas, ticks and lice. It also washes away dirt and grime and it is cheap for ₱77 for two pieces as they were on buy one take one sale.  Since I use the soap when bathing Jihoo she don’t scratch anymore and no more ticks and fleas on her skin, she smells clean and fresh too although her hair isn’t back to normal yet but the good thing it wasn’t dry like before,  there isn’t dandruff anymore.

Directions for Use:

Place dog on elevated surface during bathing to prevent unnecessary movements

  1. Wet dog thoroughly. Avoid water in ears.
  2. Soap dog all over. Especially in-between toes and armpits. Avoid eyes.
  3. Let lather stay 5-10 minutes (depending) on severity of infestation.
  4. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid eyes.
  5. Quickly dry dog with towel.

According to the caution indicated in the box Permethrin Shieldgard dog soap is for dogs only and not to be used to food, other pets or humans and should be avoided to be use on convalescing dogs, nursing bitches or puppies less than 12 weeks old.

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Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Kittens are indeed cute and adorable, I was busy preparing the moringa leaves that we are going to mixed with the pork ginger soup when my sister call me from the outside, she is saying something about “Jiyong”, our orange kitten which annoys me thinking why I have to be called when she’s there to look after the kitten.

It turns out the kitten climb into the drift wood and made some faces while enjoying the sunlight and my sister is asking me to take some photos of Jiyong. We put the kitten on leash because she is having a diarrhea and it is quite dirty to let the kitten inside our house in her state. It has been a few days since I put the kitten near the grassy field every morning so she could eat some grass to cure her stomach problem. Well it was just my observation that our older cats eat some grass and then throw up  afterwards, I have read somewhere that cat eat grass to cure their stomach ache and eating grass can help to  clear their stomach of fur, feathers, parasites or bones, which can irritate the digestive tract or even cause more lasting illness. I have noticed since a few days ago our kitten’s poop improved a bit unlike before that her poop just leak anywhere and anytime.

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Jiyong: The Cute Orange Kitten Found in the Public Market

Meet the newest member of the family, Jiyong. We found her in the public market one evening, we are walking along the vegetables market when my sister see her roaming around, I immediately picked her and at first I was hesitant to bring her home with a thought that maybe someone owns the kitten and I’ll be in trouble if seen taking it away.

Cute Orange Kitten

My sister then told me just to bring the kitten home because nobody owns it, it was just one of the cats that scavenging in the market.  Jiyong as my sister named her is a playful, soft and lovable kitten, when she first arrived home she doesn’t response when called but later on when I called for food she will be the first one to run ahead of me.

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Jaebeom: The Cute Hyper-Active White Kitten

On one of the three kittens that we found in the garbage pit the smallest one was the one I adore so much, my family named her Jaebeom after the main character in a Koreanovela they’ve watch recently. Jaebeom has a twisted foot but she is a very active kitten who runs and plays a lot but things changed when our dog bit her when she run after the chicken bone I had thrown, our dog thought that little Jaebeom will stole her bone so she become very angry at her. I immediately pick the bleeding kitten, I was in awe because I was just getting the bowls to feed them, my sister and I immediately look for the kitten’s injury but we didn’t find any, the kitten’s primary foot were left paralyzed and was very scared that when we dropped her in the floor she will run quickly to hide her head somewhere.

The incident accidentally happened last night and until today little Jaebeom wasn’t able to eat yet and still scared, so I bought milk powder in the store and force feed her. The good thing her two other siblings take care of her, cleaning her when necessary. I hope little Jaebeom will get stronger and feel better in coming days because she is such a cutie, and she also knows how to play cute in front of a camera.

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Adopting Three New Cute Kittens

Here are the new kittens we adopted from the street, we are going home from town when we passed by these cute kitten in the garbage pit. My sister initially saw them while driving; we stopped about a few meters away to check but then the kittens started running towards us so I have no choice but to went down and picked them. The kittens want us to take them, they picked us as their new owner.

Three Cute Kittens

Bringing them home, made our older cats aggravated they don’t want the kittens  to be near them but after a few days they were already used with the kittens being around and they don’t mind their presence anymore. The kittens are very playful and they run  hyper-actively. The white and smallest kitten of the three has a birth defect, her one foot in the front is twisted just like Monina‘s foot but it wasn’t a problem because she is the most playful, she run and jump like a normal kitten.

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Kat-kat : The Playful Kitten from the Surplus Shop

Shopping for second hand clothes when they are on huge sale is one of the things I enjoy the most, it is somehow therapeutic for me. We normally do it in well-knows surplus shop but a few months ago we decided to go to a smaller surplus shop because they were on sale that day. While looking around the surplus clothes a kitten passed by, the sale lady picked it up and when she put it down I picked it up and give it a touch. The sales lady then asked me if I want to bring the kitten home,  I check it first if the kitten is a male or female since we already have a lot of kittens at home we have adopted from the street.

White Orange Kitten

The kitten was a male, so I have asked if the owner is giving it away, the sales lady replies yes just asked his “Kuya” but we told her she should do it for us since we don’t know his employer so she did, and the surplus shop owner gave it to us and we bring the kitten home.  I named him “Kat-kat” derived from the surplus shop’s name, Kat-kat Ukay-Ukay.

Kat-kat is such a playful kitten, he plays a lot from wires to rags. On his first three weeks at home, it was a pain to teach him where to litter. He keeps doing it in my father’s room below the cabinet and speakers, I almost give up cleaning his smelly poop. We decided not to let him in during the night because we noticed he just do littering inside at night, and during the day he did it in the sand but Kat-kat is such an intelligent cat when he found a way how to get inside by following the older cats but his ways didn’t change he still poop inside because it seems he is so lazy to go outside but when my father built windows in his rooms and Kat-kat grow a bit older he already learned to do his business outside. What a relief that was!

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Monina: A Black Female Cat from the Town Market

Adopting kittens from the street is quite normal for us, when we found kitten being abandon we immediately pick them to bring home.  Well, but Monina a black female cat is different although we can consider her abandon in some aspects. She was given to us by a relative’s wife who owned a rice store in town, she doesn’t own the cat but it stays on her store every day.  We are told that the owner doesn’t take care of the cat anymore so it needs a new home and family.

Black Female Cat

We brought her home and immediately introduce to our cats; their first meeting didn’t turn out good. Monina is somehow irritated with the presence of the male cats so we just let them to  be familiar to each other.  After few hours, we found out that Monina is missing so we search around the house and she is nowhere to be found and that is when we heard a cat fighting with another cat, we immediately rush to our neighbor’s house and there we found her in the roof agitated with the pregnant cat of our neighbor. It took us long time to bring her down because she was not familiar yet with us, when we are able to get her we decided to leash her at home which is not normal but putting her on leash, will make her tame and secured hence we are worried too that she might runaway from our home.

We noticed Monina likes to wiggle her tail a lot maybe because she used to stay in the town market where there is a lot of flies and to get rid of them she moves her tail. Her right feet is twisted too but it doesn’t make her to limp when walking.

Btw, Monina was the name given to her and we didn’t changed it anymore since she is already older and might confused her. 🙂

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A Weird Large Purple Crab in the Mud

The other day while I am watering the plants and my mother and sister is having a group conversation with relatives about the recent crime that happened in our town, my male cousin started tinkering something in the irrigation field and I was called to take a picture of it by an uncle. It turns out it was an unknown specie of large purple crab. Nobody would like to touch it or prepared it as a good meal believing it is something should not be touch by human.

Purple Crab

My mother recalled that a long time ago when they went to a feast she also saw a large crab and was fascinated with it that she informed everyone and run after the crab and then afterwards she felt sick.

Anyway,  my cousin said he found the crab the other day and it always stay in the mud rather than the water, after taking photos of it we just let the crab wander in the muddy field.

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Hamsters as Pets

The kids of my first cousin have hamsters as pets, my sister asked for a pair for her own. She was given two pairs of hamsters, since we have no proper cage for the hamsters they were just kept in an open plastic fruit container.  Time flies and they were very healthy and older, we decided to separate both pairs when one of the female hamsters gave birth but due to unfortunate event, the baby hamsters didn’t even lasts a day.


After few weeks the second female hamster gave birth to eleven baby hamsters, and she is nurturing them well. Some of our neighbors already asked for a pair for them to pet and we said yes since we can’t take care all of them.

We are also planning to give hamsters to my kid’s cousin, since their hamsters died.  The mother hamsters went missing after being taken out from the cage and since nobody will nurture the baby hamsters died afterwards.

We actually don’t know what happened until a neighbour kid asked to borrow a hamster for school project, she told us my cousin’s son asked her to do it.  After long deliberation we found from our grandmother what happened and the real reason why my cousin’s daughter and not the son is asking for a hamster.   Our grandmother’s guessed is maybe my cousin’s daughter told her teacher about having hamsters at home so the teacher asked for her own hamster to take care but their hamsters are all gone and since those time our hamster are still young and no babies yet we told our grandmother we can’t give them a pair of hamsters yet since what we are having is still the pair that were given to us.

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How To Get a Cat Down From a Tree

It was a normal morning, as I am busy collecting water I heard a cat crying. I stopped on what I am doing and locate where the cries coming from. I looked at the nearby field and irrigation but I didn’t find anything so I called for it and the cries continues and that’s where I looked up. I’ve seen a scared cat trapped in top of a tree. As much as I want to get him, it was not possible because the tree is a bit high and the bamboo bench wouldn’t reached him so I called for my sister, we tried to scared him down by pushing him with a stick but he is scared even more that he keeps hanging in the tree trunks.

Tiger Cat

We decided to get the small ladder at home, we put in the bamboo bench and I just hold it very tightly while my sister is climbing and reaching the scared cat. We are able to get him and I took him home, the cat was really scared but he is kind of sweet and loves to be touched and scratched.  The cat was also starving so I feed him a little, I initially tied him so he won’t run away since he is very scared of our little dog probably he got chased by dogs during the night making him climb in the tree.

Within the day, I decided to unleash the cat since he won’t stay still. I initially thought, he will return to his home but he decided to stay in our home, my family named him “Dongsu” he is a very sweet young male cat that loves to sleep in top of throw pillow. He loves to be pat and carried, he acts like a dog as well that wherever I go he keeps following us, it is either I have to walk the dog or I will just simply go out to buy something in the store.

Rescuing a  cat in a tree is easy as long as you stay calm as well as the the cat, you have to ensure the cat that you are his friend and you won’t hurt him. Always used a ladder when trying to rescue a cat to avoid falling.

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