Our Cat Soju Crying for Food

Naughty Cat

One night while we are eating, I was surprised when our pet cat Soju jumped up the study table behind my back. I thought he will just sit there looking at us. But again to my surprise he is crying behind me and touching me with his feet, as if he is begging me to give him some foods. He didn’t stop crying and touching my back until I give him food. But after giving him food he was there again crying for more food.

Kangchi Eating Bones

Small puppies have sensitive stomach, bones can make them sick or feel ill. Although bones can also help them unsharpen their teeth. Chicken bones are dangerous to feed to your small puppies as it can tear their intestine, although bones from pig or cow is probably safe because they cannot chew it but just bite and lick it.

Puppy Eating Bones

Just after we ate lunch, my mother gives our dog some bones to eat. She is crying so loudly as if she has not eaten yet. But the truth is they already eat, I feed them in advance so that when we are eating they will not cry out loud. After receiving the bone that my mother gave to her, she ran so fast and hides under the table. But she’s not contented hiding under the table. So she ran again and hides under the study table. And there she eats the bone and making some sound as if there is someone who will get her bone.

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Good Sleeping Places For Pets

Pet beds are important to provide comfort to the pet where they can sleep comfortably and have fresh mood in the morning. Pets sometimes have aggressive behavior when they are not provided cozy environment. Our pets especially cats normally sleep in our bed or sofa, and sometimes they look for comfortable space to sleep.

Cute Kittens

Well, the last time, the reason why our stuff toys are everywhere down the cabinet is our cat Soju. When I am sweeping the floor I again saw the stuff toys everywhere. But to my surprise it is not Soju, but the three kittens. It was them who make the stuff toys goes down the cabinet. It is cold now here so for them to feel comfortable they slept in the stuff toys because I think it’s warmer there.

Dog Sleeping with Stuffed Toys

I thought I will not be surprised if those stuff toys are again not in their place, but still I am surprise not because the stuff toys are not in their place but because it’s not Soju and also not the three kittens are in the cabinet but it was Kangchi who is sleeping comfortably in the cabinet making the stuff toys her bed and pillow.

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What You Need to Know about Dog Shock Collars

Dogs have to be tamed and trained while they are still young so they are easy to handle in a given situation. To keep your young children and guests from harm, use a dog shock collar to discipline them. There are a lot of training collars in online pet stores and before placing your order, read some dog shock collar reviews.

Cute Chocolate Brown Puppy

When buying a dog shock collar, make sure you know what type is best for a specific training. A dog obedience collar is recommended when teaching them how to behave properly in a certain situation. A remote control is used when you want to correct the dog’s behavior by sending shock through the vibration from the collar.

Dogs can be annoying to your neighbors when they bark incessantly. Use a dog barking collar to stop your dog from barking your visitor. If you want your dog to stay put in a specific area of your backyard, dog containment is employed by burying an electric wire in the yard. The dog will receive the shock through the collar that is connected with the wire when it goes beyond the boundary of your yard.

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Friendship Between Kangchi and the 3 Little Kittens

One of the most important parts of being a new pet owner is doing the research on how to be a responsible pet owner. Make sure you learn the proper feeding and grooming techniques to care for your little one.

Cute Kittens and Puppy

Well, it is an old the tale that cats and dogs are enemies. I bet to disagree because my dog (Kangchi) and my three kittens get along together. On the first day of the three kittens in our house they are scared of Kangchi, I think it’s because it’s their first time to get along. But the second day, as I am feeding them w/ rice and some fish with milk to my surprise they eat together. And an hour ago, I saw them lying on the pillow I gave to Kangchi. They eat together, sleep together and play together.

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3 Cute Little Kittens

Having three kittens I thought was easy. That’s just what I thought. But when the saleslady of Zafeway (a grocery store here in Odiongan) gave me three kittens, one female and two males. The war starts… between me and those cute kittens.

3 cute little kittens

There first day in our house is so unforgettable, why? It is because, my mother told me to have them tie, so tie them so that they will not go anywhere because they are not yet familiar with our house. But one of the cats gets off of his tie, and just gets inside our house. I told my mother to just let the cats get released from their tie because they are not going anywhere. But an hour later as I’m going to feed them one of the cats is missing. So I look for her around the house, but I could not find her. I also look for her in my grandmother’s house and everywhere. My mother is now upset because the one that is missing is the only female cat. So she said to me, I should have not released them in their tie. I just release them because I thought they are not going anywhere. But then again I searched inside the house for the second time, now using flashlight in looking in some dark places. There she is inside our old dish dispenser below the stairs sleeping so deeply. That old dispenser is full of the old notebooks of my sister.

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Meet Kangchi A Chocolate Color Puppy

After a few months of no pet dog when our beloved Jihoo went to pet heaven, here comes my new pet dog named “Kangchi”. I named her after the Koreanovela “The Story of Kangchi”. So happy to have a new pet, I got this dog from one of my mother’s customer on her buy and sell business.

Cute Chocolate Puppy

Kangchi is a  very cute and lovable puppy, when I brought her home the other day (December 28, 2013) I immediately bath him and get her “lice” and after that she sleeps. When my mother wants to take a bath she noticed that it’s smell bad in the bathroom, it turns out Kangchi’s do her business the bathroom and when I open the door  early this morning she went out and to my surprise she pee outside our house. Does it mean, we don’t need to train her to do her business outside the house? Well she is really cute right?

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Soju Sleeping with Stuffed Animals and Toys

The cat is said to be one of the most sweet and loving animals but I think cat is also one the most playful pet. Why? Because, one night when I was looking for my pet cat named Soju. I saw the stuff toys scattered down the cabinet, and as I go near it there is Soju, he is  sleeping in the cabinet making one of the stuff toys as his pillow.

Cat Sleeping with Stuffed Animals

Sometimes Soju also is like a dog  he loves to follow us and if you don’t see him you will step right to him and when you accidentally step on him he will cry and sometimes he will bite you but not a deep bite though. There’s an instance too that when he’s lying in the floor and you walk beside him, he will catch your feet and try to bite as if he wants you to play with him.

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Soju Sleeping in Top of the Big Box

Boxes really create attraction to cats, it was like their place of comfort. Soju, our young male cat whom I named from popular liquor of South Korea (soju) find a solace to sleep at the top of the large balikbayan box I sent home. Look at the photo below how he peacefully sleep.

Sleeping Cat

Soju was the only cat left to our family, some of the younger cat died because they are being bullied by the neighbor cat. It was saddening but we can’t prevent it especially when they fight at night. 🙁

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What’s in Your Dog’s Food?

We are living in a day and age where inquiries and investigations are happening on a large percentage of food products, and, quite often, many items found in foods are proven to be detrimental to the health of the consumer. But with all of this information surrounding us, it can be harder to understand what we should be avoiding. In this article I will be providing you with a short list of products commonly found in dog foods that you may not have known about but that are dangerous for your dog:

Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)

These substances are rare, but are incredibly dangerous. They have been listed as ‘cancer causing compounds’ by the World Health organization but still somehow manage to find their way into dog foods.

Tetra sodium pyrophosphate

This causes diarrhea, sickness and weight loss, and as I am sure you know, this can lead to a large number of other problems – it’s only a matter of time before your dog becomes critically ill after prolonged exposure to such products.

Propylene glycol

This product is a preservative typically used in antifreeze, yet somehow a large number of dog foods still contain this ingredient. Can you imagine eating antifreeze yourself? No? Then why is it acceptable for your dog?


Commonly used as a stiffening agent in synthetic rubber and pesticide. It is currently under investigation due to links to liver and kidney cancer, yet it still works its way into our dog’s foods.

So how do you avoid such products? The best way to ensure your pet isn’t being subjected to them is by buying a high quality food. Often, these products find their way into cheaper foods because they are a cheaper alternative to the more expensive safer versions. Whilst I can appreciate that times are hard, I would advise that well-known brands such as James Wellbeloved Dog Food, Hills Dog Food and Royal Canin dog food. They are a little more expensive, but this is because they contain all of the good stuff that your pet needs to be healthy, rather than using cheaper alternatives that will do your dog a lot more harm than good.

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