Meet Kangchi A Chocolate Color Puppy

After a few months of no pet dog when our beloved Jihoo went to pet heaven, here comes my new pet dog named “Kangchi”. I named her after the Koreanovela “The Story of Kangchi”. So happy to have a new pet, I got this dog from one of my mother’s customer on her buy and sell business.

Cute Chocolate Puppy

Kangchi is a  very cute and lovable puppy, when I brought her home the other day (December 28, 2013) I immediately bath him and get her “lice” and after that she sleeps. When my mother wants to take a bath she noticed that it’s smell bad in the bathroom, it turns out Kangchi’s do her business the bathroom and when I open the door  early this morning she went out and to my surprise she pee outside our house. Does it mean, we don’t need to train her to do her business outside the house? Well she is really cute right?

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Soju Sleeping with Stuffed Animals and Toys

The cat is said to be one of the most sweet and loving animals but I think cat is also one the most playful pet. Why? Because, one night when I was looking for my pet cat named Soju. I saw the stuff toys scattered down the cabinet, and as I go near it there is Soju, he is  sleeping in the cabinet making one of the stuff toys as his pillow.

Cat Sleeping with Stuffed Animals

Sometimes Soju also is like a dog  he loves to follow us and if you don’t see him you will step right to him and when you accidentally step on him he will cry and sometimes he will bite you but not a deep bite though. There’s an instance too that when he’s lying in the floor and you walk beside him, he will catch your feet and try to bite as if he wants you to play with him.

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Soju Sleeping in Top of the Big Box

Boxes really create attraction to cats, it was like their place of comfort. Soju, our young male cat whom I named from popular liquor of South Korea (soju) find a solace to sleep at the top of the large balikbayan box I sent home. Look at the photo below how he peacefully sleep.

Sleeping Cat

Soju was the only cat left to our family, some of the younger cat died because they are being bullied by the neighbor cat. It was saddening but we can’t prevent it especially when they fight at night. 🙁

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What’s in Your Dog’s Food?

We are living in a day and age where inquiries and investigations are happening on a large percentage of food products, and, quite often, many items found in foods are proven to be detrimental to the health of the consumer. But with all of this information surrounding us, it can be harder to understand what we should be avoiding. In this article I will be providing you with a short list of products commonly found in dog foods that you may not have known about but that are dangerous for your dog:

Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)

These substances are rare, but are incredibly dangerous. They have been listed as ‘cancer causing compounds’ by the World Health organization but still somehow manage to find their way into dog foods.

Tetra sodium pyrophosphate

This causes diarrhea, sickness and weight loss, and as I am sure you know, this can lead to a large number of other problems – it’s only a matter of time before your dog becomes critically ill after prolonged exposure to such products.

Propylene glycol

This product is a preservative typically used in antifreeze, yet somehow a large number of dog foods still contain this ingredient. Can you imagine eating antifreeze yourself? No? Then why is it acceptable for your dog?


Commonly used as a stiffening agent in synthetic rubber and pesticide. It is currently under investigation due to links to liver and kidney cancer, yet it still works its way into our dog’s foods.

So how do you avoid such products? The best way to ensure your pet isn’t being subjected to them is by buying a high quality food. Often, these products find their way into cheaper foods because they are a cheaper alternative to the more expensive safer versions. Whilst I can appreciate that times are hard, I would advise that well-known brands such as James Wellbeloved Dog Food, Hills Dog Food and Royal Canin dog food. They are a little more expensive, but this is because they contain all of the good stuff that your pet needs to be healthy, rather than using cheaper alternatives that will do your dog a lot more harm than good.

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Doggie Diarrhea – How to Safely Treat Your Dog’s Diarrhea at Home

Imagine this: sparkling red carpet premiere of a promising family movie starring everyone’s favorite actors of the present. A well-groomed, shiny coated canine who is the real star of the movie, such as the golden lab who played Marley in ‘Marley and Me’, or Richard Gere’s co-star in ‘Hachiko: A Dog’s Story’. Now, imagine if they had a little ‘accident’. Imagine if they weren’t in the best of health…

If you have ever slipped – yes, slipped – in dog poo, you will know that it certainly is not pleasant and you feel like hunting down the dog owner and banning them from your local area until their dog’s bowel movements are back to normal and their ‘business’ can be scooped and bagged as normal. I know if my pug ever got diarrhea again, I would ask some unsuspecting friend to take little Mathilde on a walk to save myself the embarrassment whilst I rush to the vets to book an appointment. Last time, it was the result of too many treats surreptitiously given to her under the table by my friends at Christmas (it’s not just humans that get fat in the winter season). Ultimately, neither Mathilde nor I were very happy.

Of course, it isn’t the end of the world. Canikur tablets are very effective as an anti-diarrhea treatment, which are palatable and chewable. Containing probiotics, prebiotics and a special binding agent, they work together to support intestinal function ensuring your dog’s body fluid balance is normalized. In the case of an emergency, however, Pro-Kolin+ may be a better choice as it is designed to settle diarrhea quickly and safely. Plus, it is beef flavored so my pug, like many other pooches I’m sure, would easily eat it.

For a long term aid, Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D is for dogs suffering with gastrointestinal disorders that can be painful and prolonged if left unattended. Dog lovers want the best for their canine companions so address the ugly stuff is just as important as cuddling. I/D encourages symptom reduction of vomiting, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea, all of which would be the biggest embarrassment on that spotless red carpet…

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How an E-Collar Makes Dog Training Easier

Training a dog can be a difficult and arduous process. Dogs are wonderful pets that are affectionate and fun-loving, but they also like to test boundaries to see what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors are unacceptable. In order to properly train a dog to understand what behaviors are unwanted, immediate correction is necessary. This is difficult to accomplish, as sometimes a behavior occurs unexpectedly or out of reach. Using an e collar can help alleviate this problem, and e-collar training for dogs has been proven to be a very effective training method for correcting negative behaviors while reinforcing positive ones.

How Electronic Collars Work

The collars work by utilizing three basic components: a remote transmitter, collar probes and a collar receiver. The transmitter sends a signal to the collar’s receiver, which in turn directs an electrical impulse through the collar’s probes to the dog’s skin. The dog senses this electrical stimulus, and immediately ceases engaging in the unwanted behavior. The collars are adjustable, so the amount of impulse the dog receives can be dictated by the trainer. Most trainers use the lowest setting, as they have found that even a minimal impulse will result in the desired effect.

Dog E-collar

Why Training Collars Make Training Easier

Because training collars allow for immediate correction to be made, they are among the most efficient training tools available. They must be used properly, and if an individual has never before used one, it may be best to conduct thorough research or to consult a professional before trying to use one of these collars. If a dog has already mastered some very basic commands, it is probably ready to be introduced to the electronic collar. The collar should be worn by the dog several times before any training begins, and when it does, sessions should remain very brief, no longer than 15 minutes. Dogs seem to respond better to this repetitive style of training. Once training has begun, the collar can be used to reinforce positive behaviors, and also to correct negative and undesirable behaviors.

Are These Collars Humane?

One of the most common concerns about the electronic collar is the debate as to whether it is humane to use on dogs. The simple fact is that the collar is not harmful or painful to the dogs who wear them. The stimulus that is delivered through the collar is very similar to the shock felt from static electricity: Uncomfortable, but not painful or harmful. In fact, most dogs enjoy wearing their collars, because they associate the collar with training, and successful training results in rewards and positive reinforcement. In short, there should be no concern with regard to the use of these collars.

Dog e-collar

Electronic collars are incredibly useful and effective. When used appropriately, they can result in quick and easy training sessions that help dogs understand how to behave correctly. With the ability to instantly correct unwanted behavior without causing the dog any pain, it is no surprise that this is a popular training tool among professional dog trainers. This simple and effective training method is a smart choice for any dog owner who desires to have a well-behaved and obedient dog.

Jack Bonafacio is an expert dog trainer and has close to a decade of dog training experience, having worked with many different breeds.

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Fundraising Ideas for Your Pet’s Needs

Raising pets is not really an easy thing to do. Aside from the fact that you have to bathe them, feed them and make sure they are safe and sound, you will also have to shell out money for such needs. With the unstable economy that we have today, it can be quite hard to earn and save money for your needs. How in the earth can you raise funds for your pet’s needs?

You do not have to worry. Here are simple money making and money saving tips that can help you raise money to cover the needs of your pets:

Have some of your stuffs rented

An unconventional yet easy way to make extra money for your pet’s needs is by having some of your stuffs rented out. If you have a spare room, you can take in a lodger. If you have excess space on your garage, you can offer it to other people.

Cute Puppy with Sunglasses

Sell your skills

In the event that you have any marketable talent such as writing, web design, editing and more, you can use it to earn money. Apply online and you will be amazed at the various options made available for you.

Sell your old stuffs online

Take a look at your home. Is there anything you are no longer using? It may be a CD, DVD, instrument, clothes or many more. Do your house and your pet a favor by getting rid of all these clutter and turning them into cash! You can sell these online! Any money you will earn from doing this can go to your pet’s funds.

Walk other pets.

Since you are doing this for your dog, why not earn money by capitalizing on the passion and care you have for animals?

These are simple yet very effective ways to earn money to cover your pet care needs.

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Family Dog Jihoo: A Sad Goodbye

We care our dogs as part of the family, our little baby and the source of entertainment when we are down.  I have blogged a few days ago that Jihoo, our family dog is sick. He stopped eating for unknown reason and just two days ago he left to dog heaven. It was very saddening my family misses him so badly because he is a sweet lovable dog.

Sleeping Dog

I first met him when I went home for vacation because Jihoo didn’t see me before and not familiar with my smell he keeps barking at me and doesn’t want me to be near him. As I am the one who feed him and walk him around when he needs to Poo he eventually likened me and doesn’t bother anymore if I put him in the head or hold him from time to time. What I missed about him is when he knew he did something wrong he will hide his head somewhere as if he is ashamed or afraid to be punished.

The picture above was his last picture taken before he got sick. 🙁

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Sick Dog: Jihoo Refuses to Eat Food

My family informed me that Jihoo is sick, he is not eating nor drinking. They tried to feed him by opening his mouth and giving him food but he was restless and doesn’t like to be touched. It seems he is in pain, afraid of being bitten by the dog my family didn’t try to open his mouth again to put some food, they just left food near him.

Sick Dog

I have told my family to bring Jihoo in a pet clinic but unfortunately there’s no pet clinic around. Our province is like a typical rural province in the Philippines where dogs were feed left over food or people food and bringing dogs to a vet is not the foremost concern.

I have read that refusing food  can be a sign of many serious illnesses of pets and can be especially damaging to the health, as they cannot talk it is hard for us humans to know what they are suffering unless they are brought to professional pet doctors.

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How Dog is Cat?

This year, O2 have launched one of their most successful advertising yet, in the form of their ‘Be more Dog’ website and adverts. Without explaining too much, cats just run around like dogs and catch Frisbees and stuff. If you haven’t seen it then it’s best to just watch it:

One of the most noticeable things is that, if you really think about it, there’s little to do with O2s services throughout any of this. So that enables the rest of us to do equally tenuous links to the advert itself. For that reason, we can look at the behavior, psychology, and any other factors to determine just how dog-like cats are.

It may be worth noting that there is no actual science in this. If you require some science then you should probably look elsewhere. Instead we’re going to mark cats out of 10 for how dog they are, e.g. a cat is 7/10 dog.


How does a dog behave? Due to their ability to be trained quickly, they often behave how you want them to. Regardless of that though, you’ll get a few servings of unwavering enthusiasm for whatever is in front of them.

Cats on the other hand, can and will not be trained. Their behavior is mainly dictated by their breed, age and how hungry they are. The only variation in this can appear when they’re unhappy, which will often result in a mess being made in your house somewhere, which you can’t train them not to do.

Dog behavior out of 10: 4


For anyone that likes a real-sized dog, and by that we of course mean spaniel and up, a lot of cats just don’t meet the mark. Large dog breeds such as St. Bernard and Neapolitan Mastiffs can weigh anything up to 12 stone, far off that of the biggest common domestic house cat, the Maine Coon, which weigh up to 1.8 stone. That’s only 1/6th of a dog. 1/6th of 10 is 1.8, so cats score 1.8 out of 10 for size.

Dog and Cat Together


We spend literally about five minutes searching on the internet for these results and couldn’t find anything conclusive, however, there’s a lot of speculation that cats can generally run faster and longer than dogs. We were unsure about this, but then we remembered that cheetahs are the fastest land animal on earth.

This means that cats not only match dogs on speed, they also overtake the, literally, giving them a speed score of 12 out of 10.


The health of a cat or dog depends on the breed, living conditions and diet. In the UK, the vet bills are pretty equal, and treatment for your cat such as frontline for cats is around the same price as the dog version. For that reason it’s hard to give them anything but 10/10


Hopefully you’ve found this in-depth and scientifically accurate article very informative, but the conclusive result on how cat a dog is cannot be outlined too easily, but we have deduced that cats are exactly 6 dogs out of 10.

Please get back to us if you want to add any more factors into this careful calculation.

Tom blogs about everything he likes and some things that he doesn’t. Amongst his main blog topics, he can always find the time to talk about pets. 

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