3 Girls Crush an Innocent Puppy to Death

Netizens are demanding action from the authorities after a graphic video of animal abuse has gone viral on social media. The 20-minute video shows three girls taking turns kicking and stepping on a white puppy with black markings while it cry in pain. The video ends with the puppy presumably dead, immobile and no longer crying out as all three girls put their full weight on it.

 3 girls in viral puppy video

[Photo grabbed online]

 It was reported that the video was called “crush”,  it is a type of pornographic material that are sold on the Internet,  depicted extreme cruelty to animals, such as a rabbit which was skinned alive and set on fire.

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Jihoo and His Orange Ribbon

My sister uploaded new photos of Jihoo, I am amused at the picture below.  My sister found an old orange ribbon while cleaning inside our house, it was probably a ribbon we used when we are young,  she decided to play with Jihoo by putting it around his head and see how Jihoo likes it?

Calm Pet

He looks very calm and peaceful while playing asleep or maybe he is actually sleeping while there’s an orange ribbon around his head.

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Pet Adoption: Adopting a Pet in Korea

Owning a pet is the dream of most people and the process of acquiring one from a breeder is not easy, they are sometimes expensive and full of frantic activity. While, in the province owning a pet is easy all you need to do is ask for one newborn pup or kitten from a neighbor, they’re usually given for free unless the animal has a breed which are usually sold for a certain price.

Well buying a pet is not always the answer because there are several animals that have no homes or people to care for them. If you are planning to own a pet I would suggest to look for animal shelter around you, not just cheaper but you are also able to help for these animals by giving them home and family to live in.
Pet Adoption in KoreaI am a pet person, I love dogs and cats since I am a little child because I have grown up having them at home and when I moved here in Korea with my husband cuddling a dog or kitten is one of the things I missed to do. I have been asking my husband to get me a kitten as he doesn’t like dogs (probably his tired hearing the constant barking of our neighbor’s dogs) but he didn’t approve it because the cat will just suffer being left alone when we travel and we are not going to be here in Korea long time. My husband is right so I am just contented looking pets for adoption at the Animal Rescue seeing the little cats and dogs made me wish that I am in the Philippines and I can maybe adopt them all one for myself.

Anyway if you are in Korea and want to own a pet please visit  http://www.animalrescuekorea.org – help these little guys to have a foster home and family, they need  your love and attention.

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Obedience Training for Dogs at K-9 Companions

Do you send your kids to summer camp for a couple of weeks to learn basic socialization while having fun? Now you can send your precious pup or canine companion to doggie boot camp to learn obedience training. Imagine a dog that is completely house trained with excellent manors, free of behavioral problems and a happy member of your family. Well-socialized dogs react well to people as well as other dogs without nipping, jumping, lunging, growling or cowering.

Obedience training performed at a professional facility using trained and caring professionals is a highly effective and natural way to treat your pet. Training methods are based on behavior modification and positive reinforcement customized for the breed and temperament of the trainee. Dog owners can choose from a variety of packages and training levels including:

Dog Training

  • Basic Obedience Training – dogs learn the basic commands of obedience training: sit, stand, come, stay and down for direct communication with their owners. Puppies are trained at home as early as eight weeks old and may graduate to boot camp for higher-level obedience courses.
  • Socialization – dogs learn how to play nice with other dogs in groups
  • Etiquette – training for doggie manners when meeting and greeting at home as well as in public places while under control
  • Behavior Modification – customized drills include verbal and hand commands for easing anxiety, fear or other behavioral issues that lead to aggressive behavior

Take a look at obedience training at K-9Companions.com for the original training professionals who do it all for you.

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Importance of Dog Grooming

Dogs are not just man’s best friend they are also simply part of a family. I found this dog in  a restaurant cute and entertaining, he is already shivering in cold but didn’t bother to call the attention of his human by barking or making noises, he just keep standing in the chair and look at his human to put him down or give him  a hug.

Cute Little White Dog

The weather was not that cold but maybe because the dogs  is newly groom, his hair is newly shave he felt cold than normal.  I have read that grooming your pet is important to keep them healthy, comfortable and active. Regular grooming can also keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny. Recurring grooming should also include nail clippings, teeth brushing, and ear cleanings. If you can, you should start grooming your dog at a young age so it becomes routine to them and they don’t learn to fear the process.

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Importance of Dog Whistles

One of the important of owning and raising a healthy and smart dog is training them properly with this dog training aids are  developed to help the owner  and his dog to have healthy companionship.  Using dog whistle is extremely effective technique on training your dog for the first time, the whistle can make a range of noise that is usually outside of the human range of hearing.

Dog Whistle

With the constant noise from our neighbors dogs my husband decided to buy dog whistle online. The barking of the dogs  are really disturbing and irritating that we can sleep well when they started barking. In few days we received the dog whistle and when the dogs started barking especially when we are on the hallway my husband started to use the whistle that made the dog cries more.

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Cat Being Bullied

My family owns few cats some of them are homeless cats that were adopted. Lebron was the tiny little cat that was given  to my sister by her professor’s family when they worked with their thesis at their house. He was very cute and chubby then, right now he looks pitiful because the chickens in our backyard loves picking him and he always ended up on pitiful situation.

Pitiful Cat

It seems the chickens loved picking Lebron eyes, I have already suggested to my mother that they should buy Eye-Mo or red eyes formula.

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Buying Supplies for your Dog

Nowadays, there are wide range of supplies available on the market for your dog from basic necessities to cute accessories. Dog food, bowls, leash, collar, bed are those basic dog supplies that you first consider buying before buying accessories that they need later.

Cute Dog with Clothes

Proper dog supplies include the dog food that match their age, weight/size, and activity level. It is vital to maintain the proper weight for your dog’s size and breed for their own health.

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New Kitten: Gwiyomi

Meet the new kitten of our family, Gwiyomi.  It was given to my sister by our church mate when she saw my sister carrying one of our kittens and they she was asked if she want another kitten which she said yes and when they returned after the mass they are already carrying a cute orange kitten.

Cute Kitten

It has no name yet so when my sister asked me what’s going to be her name I immediately answered “Gwiyomi”  as it the new trend of music and I think the name fits to her.

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How To Puppy Proof Your Home

When you get a new puppy there are some temporary and some permanent changes that you will need to make to your home. Although puppies are not people, they are family members that you will be sharing your home with, therefore they need to be accommodated . Here are a few ways to puppy proof your home, protect your things, and your new puppy.

 Their own space

Puppies are fun, cute, and exciting. When getting a new puppy, one of the first adjustments you will need to make to your home is creating a space for them. Letting a new puppy run free all over the house is like asking that puppy to poop on and chew up everything. If you choose to crate train your new puppy make a space in an area with a lot of traffic to put the crate. This way your puppy will not feel alone but still confined to their crate. Putting up a puppy run or play pin is an alternative to a crate. If you are going to have a room where your puppy is free to run around make sure that it is safe for them and there is no way that they can get out.


 Pick up

When getting a new puppy breaking the habit of  leaving things in the floor is one of the hardest things to do. This is also one of the fastest ways to endanger your new puppy. If you have ever been around a puppy you know that they eat absolutely everything is sight. Make sure to never leave and kind of food or food crumbs in the floor. If you have children this might result in only eating in the kitchen to prevent any crumbs or food in the floor. Getting in the habit of not leaving anything on the floor you don’t want the puppy to chew up is a must. Picking up also includes anything you don’t want the puppy to have an accident on including rugs. Puppies are not potty trained right away and will have accidents at first before they learn better.


Be careful when using house hold cleaners around areas where the puppy has access too. You might want to look into buying all natural cleans just to be safe. If your puppy comes in contact with a toxic house hold cleaner is can make them very sick. When using cleaners make sure they are all the way wiped up. Going back after with water and a wash rag will prevent any residue that your puppy could inhale or lick up. This is only to prevent your puppy for getting sick and help them have a long happy life.

Security System

Unfortunately most security system alarms will be triggered by a pet’s movement within the house, this can turn into a real pain and annoyance. To prevent this issue I chose Smith Monitoring a New Braunfel home security company, as my home security provider because their systems are so advanced that pets do not trip the alarms in the house. This has saved me from tons of scares and inconveniences.

Author Bio: 

Ally is a writer, wife, youth mentor, and health nut. Follow her blogs for all the current trends on home, health, and family.

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