Heroic Dog Kabang Returns Home After Face Surgery

The heroic tale of Kabang (a dog from Philippines) became headline a year ago  when he lost half of her face after saving two girls from an oncoming motorcycle. Kabang attracted worldwide support because of her injuries, with donations from the Philippines and abroad covering her $27,000 treatment costs.


[Image Credit: davisenterprise.com]

Kabang was brought to the US for treatment and surgery. Doctors at the University of California operated on Kabang’s wounds, and treated her for a tumor and heart worm but the doctor’s cannot reconstruct her face anymore so they took skin grafts from her cheeks, forehead and neck to cover up sensitive areas on her face. The good news despite this ordeal Kabang can still chew her food using her two remaining molars and can even use his sense of smell to recognized people around her.

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Be a Responsible Pet Owner

The two dogs of our next door neighbor are unbearable these days, they barked so much that it is hard to sleep at night or in the morning.  The dogs was already moved to new apartment when my husband complain to the owner that they barked too much but dunno what happened why they were return next door, what we are thinking is the next door neighbor of the dogs to the other apartment also complain about their excessive barking.

Just the other day my husband was annoyed for not having proper sleep before going to his work so when he passed on the next door neighbor and the dogs started barking again he shout to the dogs to stop and slam the door without knowing if the owner was there or not, as she is always not at home leaving the dogs alone in her apartment.

Cute Puppies
Responsible ownership doesn’t only means having the dog and giving them food to eat,  the owner should be responsible enough to take care of them when needed and not just leave them alone inside her apartment when she is not around most of the time.  She should not owned a dog when she has no time to pet or train them to stop barking excessively during wee hours. She should walk her pet daily,  make time to play with them and socialized them with other pets or human so they will not barked in just simple noise from the outside.

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Affordable Clothes for your Dogs

Dog clothes was first seen on military or police dogs until such time it became popular to pet owners and became part of their fashion. Many pet owners want their dogs to be miniature version of themselves, they sometimes wore same clothing and accessories which can be bought on pet designer stores. There are many different outfits and costumes to different types of dog and knowing which one will fit to your dog can be a challenge. You have to decide if the clothing is for practical purposes or purely to make your dog look fashionable.

Affordable Dog Clothes

Dog clothes is not somehow popular in our city probably because only those who can afford buy clothes for their dog from pet stores. Mostly dog wearing clothes can be normally seen on movies and televisions, my mother and sister wanted Jihoo to be in fashion and trend like those dogs so  they find alternative way for him that won’t cost a lot or cut our budget. What they do is they bought baby clothes in a thrift store and voila Jihoo has its own clothes that he could wear anytime of the day, the clothes they bought in a thrift store is costly as low as P5.00 or  $0.11.

Well you should know that dog clothes can protect your dog from scratches, cuts and bad weather. Clothes can help them dry and warm during cold season. If you want your dog to be in fashion but no budget for it visit a thrift store in your place where you can find affordable small clothes that could fit your dog.

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Adopting Homeless Cats

My sister informed that they have new cats, they adopted two homeless cats. They found the cats on the side of the street while they are on the way home. They brought them home and feed them, my sister says they are starving. They are tamed cats because my sister were able to give them a good bath, they are just  on leash so they won’t stow away.

Homeless Cats

Adopting homeless cat is not the first time my family did this, when my sister and I found a tiny cat on the street we also brought the cat home.

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Dog and Alertness

As what I have blogged before our next door neighbor has a pet dog that keeps barking all the time. The other night while I am using the bathroom my husband scared me by standing in front of the door, so when I opened the door I immediately shout in fear that made the dog alert, and didn’t stop barking for almost two hours.

Alert Dog

Dogs has really the since of alertness, they know when something is wrong or someone is on danger that’s why they are called man’s best friend. I tried to walked in the hallway just to let the dog know that someone is on the building and there’s nothing to be scared of but still it didn’t stop him from barking, dunno if the dog gets nervous breakdown.

The owner moved the dog to different apartment when she knew that dog is loud at all times,  my husband and her accidentally see each other in the hall way and my husband told her about her dog barking attitude.

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Looking After a Poorly Cat

Cats are well known for their independence and ability to look after themselves. So what do you do when your cat seems to need your help more than ever? An ill cat can be distressed or lacking in energy so you need to do your best at keeping your pet calm and happy.

Skin Issues

Cat with Skin Problem

 For cats with skin complaints caused by common problems such as fleas, bacterial infections and allergies care for them by bathing their sore or itchy patches in cool salt water. Alternatively you can apply an ice pack to relieve any discomfort to your cat’s skin. It is a good idea to also put an Elizabethan collar around your cat’s neck to stop him from licking the affected area. Flea treatment might also be an effective way of eliminating the fleas that still exist within the fur. For skin problems that turn septic or excrete an unpleasant smelling puss, an antibiotic treatment from the vet will likely need to be used.


Cat Drinking Milk

Cats are more likely to become dehydrated when they are really young or elderly. If your pet has been vomiting for more than 24 hours, it is vital that you seek help from a vet straight away as dehydration can be potentially very dangerous. It is also a good idea to take a look at multi pet insurance when budgeting for those unexpected vet costs.  However if your cat’s vomiting is less serious and occurs much less frequently, you should try not feeding him for at least 12 hours after the vomiting has stopped. After this, you could try feeding your poorly pet a tiny piece of boiled chicken or white fish and offer a slightly larger portion 2 hours later if this is tolerated.

Cat Flu


Mouth ulcers are a common result of cat flu and they make swallowing food uncomfortable and difficult. Ulcers that form on the eyes should be looked at by a vet as they can cause a lot of discharge around the area. Discharge can be wiped away from around the eyes and nose using a solution of warm salt water or Olbas Oil. A bunged up nose caused by this virus may also lead to loss of appetite for your cat as they are not tempted by the smell of the food. You could therefore try stronger smelling foods like pilchards to tempt them. It is also important to encourage them to eat by stroking them or grooming them. Finally, liquidising food will make swallowing easier for your cat in the case of ulcers caused by the virus. Also remember that if your cat has not eaten for more than 24 hours, you must call your vet.

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Walking a Puppy

When the website Friendster bid goodbye as social network I back-up most of my photos to other site like multiply and flickr.  The other day I browse all the pictures I uploaded in picture and I stumble to Scottie’s picture, our lovely dog.  I got Scottie from a relative, he was very small compare to his dog siblings.


I once took him to work because I can’t get enough of his cuteness, he was mistakenly as chihuahua thought he was not he’s only a native dog. The funny thing though when I allowed him to walk in the street, he walked like his feet is one inch away from the ground. I think the pavement was too hot for his tiny feet.

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Traveling with your Pet

If you’re driving with your pet, you’ll need to find a comfortable and safe way for your pet to travel. When Jihoo was still a little puppy my mother and sister brought him to town.  They put him in a large shoulder bag with his head stuck out, what is funny though every time he saw dogs in the street, he keeps barking as if he is calling attention or probably teasing the dogs. Haha

He is such a cutie when he is still a puppy, one time while they are traveling Jihoo start crying and when they put him down in the ground he pissed which is good because he is well behaved and he knows that it is wrong to pissed on his bag.

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A Very Cute Kitten

My family has a new kitten which I forgot to ask what’s its name again. My sister says they got this cute kitten from the house of their professor when they went there to do their group thesis.  Their professor and his family has five little kittens and they  are giving all of them to my sister because they are nasty, which means they poop inside their house.

My sister take only one kitten, she choose the female kitten.  This kitten is sweet and doesn’t give problems to them, she looks so chubby on the picture above, my sister says the kitten was playing when they took the photo.

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Owning a Dog in an Apartment

It was been one week since we moved to this new apartment, we are on the 4th floor.  There’s really no major problems  aside from the dog owned by the other occupants before us, every time we went out or walked to the elevator the dogs keep barking and sometimes it keeps barking too at night. I didn’t mind it but my husband doesn’t like it because he said it was a big disturbance for someone trying to sleep.

Owning  a pet for apartment dwellers is not sometimes allowed but I guess in this apartment it is fine to own pets. If you are planning to move to a new apartment and you have pets with you consult first your apartment landlord and see the lease agreement before bringing home your dog.

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