Adopted Three Abandoned Orange Kittens from the Street

It was been a while since I updated this blog, starting today I will try to update more often and post something new or what is happening around our pets.

We have been adopting abandon kitten from the streets but they don’t live that long maybe because they were too young when we found them or they’re been out for a long time since we found them and when they’re mixed with each other they got each other disease since they ate and drink together.

Anyway, it was been a month since we found and adopted these three kittens in the middle of the street. We saw them when we are going to town walking at the side of the street and when we returned home from town they were all in the middle lying down. We stopped for a moment, we’ve all agreed not to pick new kittens anymore but when the kitten cries and follows me when I went down our motorbike I took all of them home.

Our cats at home were not happy with the new kittens, they don’t get a long on the first day. They either run or fight with the kitties but as the day goes by they learn to accept and adapt with each other, we named the three kittens according to their behavior or likes.

We name one of them as Jinja from our dog’s name Jinjoo. Jinja wasn’t afraid of our dog contrary to two other kitties, he actually sleep with her and suck milk from Jinjoo making him her puppy.  I think they are still nursing to their mother cat when they were thrown in the street by their previous owner.

The second was named Patpat from our duck’s name Patutinay, unliked Jinja, Patpat found motherly love with our duck, he plays and hugged with her.

We named the third kitty as Jinjii, he is the frailest and smallest of the three. He is always left alone by Jinja and Patpat, Jinjii found motherly love in one of our older kittens.

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Adopting Three New Cute Kittens

Here are the new kittens we adopted from the street, we are going home from town when we passed by these cute kitten in the garbage pit. My sister initially saw them while driving; we stopped about a few meters away to check but then the kittens started running towards us so I have no choice but to went down and picked them. The kittens want us to take them, they picked us as their new owner.

Three Cute Kittens

Bringing them home, made our older cats aggravated they don’t want the kittens  to be near them but after a few days they were already used with the kittens being around and they don’t mind their presence anymore. The kittens are very playful and they run  hyper-actively. The white and smallest kitten of the three has a birth defect, her one foot in the front is twisted just like Monina‘s foot but it wasn’t a problem because she is the most playful, she run and jump like a normal kitten.

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