Saving and Adopting Four White Kittens from Being Abandon

A few months ago when my younger sister went to see one of the management for the volleyball tournament in our barangay which is a distant relative to confirm when will be their next game and when she went home she has three white kittens in a plastic basket.

It turns while she was asking confirming for the game schedule she saw the kittens playing and blurted out that they are cute and that’s where she was told if she want them because they will throw them in a few days and since we are looking for a white kitten to the extinct that we run after the homeless white cats in the public market my sister took them home without hesitation.

When my mother saw the kitties as usual she complained for having too many cats already at home, we already have ten cats and now there is another three but when I bathed them she was the first one who babies them.   My sister says that they are all four white kitties but the fourth one hid under the chairs and they can’t catch it so she was told to take it next time.

After a few days my sister return to their house to get the fourth kitten, contrary what she had told us that the last kitty was small and isn’t cute at all. The fourth kitty is a biggest, the chubbiest one and the cutest of them all because of his blue eyes and I named him Rueh.

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Two Black Kittens from Manila

We travel to the nearest city so my younger sister can take an exam for work purposes. After the exam we headed to Manila, we stayed in a relative’s house for few days. They have large cats and kittens since they have happened to have a breed from their former cats, and we are given kittens to bring home. We choose to bring the two black kittens because the third kitten is still untamed and it might create trouble when it is accidentally gone out of the box.

Black Kittens
I was able to bring the kittens without problem in the bus and ferry; I made sure they are well ventilated and feed. They are so adorable, I have to tie one of them on their first day at home because they might wander around and the surrounding is still unfamiliar to them and I am afraid to lost them both.

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Friendship Between Kangchi and the 3 Little Kittens

One of the most important parts of being a new pet owner is doing the research on how to be a responsible pet owner. Make sure you learn the proper feeding and grooming techniques to care for your little one.

Cute Kittens and Puppy

Well, it is an old the tale that cats and dogs are enemies. I bet to disagree because my dog (Kangchi) and my three kittens get along together. On the first day of the three kittens in our house they are scared of Kangchi, I think it’s because it’s their first time to get along. But the second day, as I am feeding them w/ rice and some fish with milk to my surprise they eat together. And an hour ago, I saw them lying on the pillow I gave to Kangchi. They eat together, sleep together and play together.

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New Kitten: Gwiyomi

Meet the new kitten of our family, Gwiyomi.  It was given to my sister by our church mate when she saw my sister carrying one of our kittens and they she was asked if she want another kitten which she said yes and when they returned after the mass they are already carrying a cute orange kitten.

Cute Kitten

It has no name yet so when my sister asked me what’s going to be her name I immediately answered “Gwiyomi”  as it the new trend of music and I think the name fits to her.

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Adopting Homeless Cats

My sister informed that they have new cats, they adopted two homeless cats. They found the cats on the side of the street while they are on the way home. They brought them home and feed them, my sister says they are starving. They are tamed cats because my sister were able to give them a good bath, they are just  on leash so they won’t stow away.

Homeless Cats

Adopting homeless cat is not the first time my family did this, when my sister and I found a tiny cat on the street we also brought the cat home.

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Looking After a Poorly Cat

Cats are well known for their independence and ability to look after themselves. So what do you do when your cat seems to need your help more than ever? An ill cat can be distressed or lacking in energy so you need to do your best at keeping your pet calm and happy.

Skin Issues

Cat with Skin Problem

 For cats with skin complaints caused by common problems such as fleas, bacterial infections and allergies care for them by bathing their sore or itchy patches in cool salt water. Alternatively you can apply an ice pack to relieve any discomfort to your cat’s skin. It is a good idea to also put an Elizabethan collar around your cat’s neck to stop him from licking the affected area. Flea treatment might also be an effective way of eliminating the fleas that still exist within the fur. For skin problems that turn septic or excrete an unpleasant smelling puss, an antibiotic treatment from the vet will likely need to be used.


Cat Drinking Milk

Cats are more likely to become dehydrated when they are really young or elderly. If your pet has been vomiting for more than 24 hours, it is vital that you seek help from a vet straight away as dehydration can be potentially very dangerous. It is also a good idea to take a look at multi pet insurance when budgeting for those unexpected vet costs.  However if your cat’s vomiting is less serious and occurs much less frequently, you should try not feeding him for at least 12 hours after the vomiting has stopped. After this, you could try feeding your poorly pet a tiny piece of boiled chicken or white fish and offer a slightly larger portion 2 hours later if this is tolerated.

Cat Flu


Mouth ulcers are a common result of cat flu and they make swallowing food uncomfortable and difficult. Ulcers that form on the eyes should be looked at by a vet as they can cause a lot of discharge around the area. Discharge can be wiped away from around the eyes and nose using a solution of warm salt water or Olbas Oil. A bunged up nose caused by this virus may also lead to loss of appetite for your cat as they are not tempted by the smell of the food. You could therefore try stronger smelling foods like pilchards to tempt them. It is also important to encourage them to eat by stroking them or grooming them. Finally, liquidising food will make swallowing easier for your cat in the case of ulcers caused by the virus. Also remember that if your cat has not eaten for more than 24 hours, you must call your vet.

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Give your cat the bed of luxury

Dogs may be man’s best friend but cats are our superiors. They have a way of looking at you with complete disdain but they are also loving and dangerously smart. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your cat – a lot of them can open doors, get onto roofs and even find their way back to old houses hundreds of miles away. So treat your cats like the wonderful geniuses they are and buy them the best cat bed on earth.


It might seem like a strange theory but cats love the idea of igloo beds. It’s probably got something to do with the fact that the bed has a roof on it and cats have a thing for being enclosed. Don’t be surprised if you find yours has burrowed under the bed clothes and snuggled into the duvet when you’re not looking. Hairless cats in particular may feel the cold more so it’s logical that they’d want to be in the warmest place possible.

There’s also the option of tubular beds. These are particularly handy for kittens as their playful nature means they have the option of running around and turning their bed into a playground. An older cat probably has a more dignified nature so put a tube bed near to the cat’s favourite family member to make them feel a bit more secure.

Giant cushions

If you have a cat that doesn’t like to be covered, then this a more practical choice. Cushions make very useful travel beds because they’re easy to just sling in the car, or even rest on the seat. Cats aren’t the biggest fans of travelling so putting a cushion into the cat carrier may help to sooth them slightly on the journey.

If you have the space, put a soft, fluffy cat cushion by the radiator. Older cats in particular will be glad of the extra heat and will enjoy curling up somewhere soft. It may also stop them from pulling your laundry off the radiator, a common problem with some cats. There are some cushion-type beds that can actually be put in the microwave to heat them up. This is fantastic for the colder winter months or the odd chilly day when you don’t want to put the heating on.

Basket-style beds

If you have more than one cat, they may like to snuggle up together. If this is the case, a regular cat bed may not be large enough to fit. They might try to squash themselves in together anyway, but why should they be uncomfortable if you have the option of buying a larger bed? Something without a roof on gives your cats more freedom to move around and get themselves in the perfect position.

Choose something with a quilted fabric to ensure the cats can stay warm. Dog beds don’t tend to have as much padding in them so stick to one designed specifically for felines. There are some on the market that have detachable pillows so one of these is ideal for the winter months. The pillow can then be taken out when the weather improves to keep your cats cool in the warmer weather

About the Author: Cat (and dog) owner Lauren Sutton writes this article on behalf of pet accessories supplier Easy Animal. When not playing with her cat, Lauren can often be found instructing him off the sofa into his own bed!

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