Meet Taejo: The New Member of Our Kitty Family

Meet Taejo, he is my new adopted homeless kitty.  My sister and I found him in our grandmother’s backyard crying and looking towards our home, I guess he knew that we have many cats.

It was a few nights ago when we started hearing a kitten crying  and since there are several cats that stays in the church we just thought the mother cat brought her kittens there, I have managed to see the kitty in the church rooftop when I went upstairs our house to hang clothes and whenever I called him, the kitty responded meowing and there are times I saw our older male cat visiting the kitten.

One night, we heard the kitty cries quite loud pertaining he is quite near so my sister and I went out to see where the cries coming from and that’s where we found the kitty I named Taejo in our grandmother’s yard.  It was a good thing Taejo is a male kitten because if he was a female my mother will not like it since we already have many cats at home.

Taejo is such a cutie with big round eyes, he cries a lot whenever he is hungry and he loves to be bath.  His color is like our young male cat “Suhee”,  so we suspect they have the same father. It took only less than a day for the cats to like him, they accept him as their younger brother right away.

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In Memory of Our Cutie Chubby Kitty Taekwoon

Every morning when we wake up our kittens were already waiting behind our main door so when we opened it they will excitedly run inside our house to play and asked for food. Today, there is something different one kitten (Taekwoon) is missing and we can’t found him everywhere, we search here and there but he isn’t around. It is peculiar because it is not his norms to be not around in the morning.

My sister search around and asked neighbors were one of them says that they found a dead cat which looks like a mother cat that was been a victim of hit and run just about an hour ago, were told that they throw it in the irrigation canal.  I have asked the kid who found the dead cat what does it looks like and show here a photo of Taekwoon in my phone and her answer is positive, it was the dead cat she found in their yard. It turns out at night Taekwoon loves to run across the street and after reaching the other end he will run back home.

Taekwoon (May 28, 2016 – December 02, 2016)

Sad, my sister went searching along the irrigation canal and when she returned it was indeed Taekwoon, cold and wet.  It was very painful to see the sweet, chubby and playful Taekwoon in such condition, it was just last night when I cuddle and feed him, it was just last night when he cried into my ears but now he is gone.

Taekwoon was born on May 28, 2016 as the eldest of Monina’s four kitties. His feature is very distinguish because of his long ears, red nose and chinky eyes, when he was younger he looks like a rat than a cat. Surely our cutie Taekwoon will be forever be missed, our chinky eyes kitty will be always in our heart. In heaven, your playground will be more wider with no cars, bikes to fear around.

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