Sunjae: Our Dog’s Adopted Puppy

Well, long time no update over here. I got sick with chikungunya virus since there was an outbreak in our compound. We have  a new puppy at home, my family named him “Sunjae” no matter how I disagree of naming our pets with Korean names I can’t seems to win with them. We got Sunjae from a distant relative, initially we are told the puppy is still lactating and it isn’t eating yet but my sister insisted of taking him home, planning to use baby formula on the puppy.

At home Jinjoo didn’t like the sight of the new puppy, she hates the puppy who keeps following her and trying to nurse at her. We just let them familiarize at each other and in the morning when we wake up they already get along, Jinjoo adopted the puppy and she nursed him like her own pup.

Sunjae is a very smart puppy, when you tell him no or hit him once he won’t repeat the same thing again. When feeding our pets he usually climb at my leg so I hit him lightly once and since then he didn’t do it again and just excitedly run and cry when I start feeding them. What’s funny about him, he don’t like taking a bath, he cries and whimper every time I pour water on him.

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What You Need to Know about Dog Shock Collars

Dogs have to be tamed and trained while they are still young so they are easy to handle in a given situation. To keep your young children and guests from harm, use a dog shock collar to discipline them. There are a lot of training collars in online pet stores and before placing your order, read some dog shock collar reviews.

Cute Chocolate Brown Puppy

When buying a dog shock collar, make sure you know what type is best for a specific training. A dog obedience collar is recommended when teaching them how to behave properly in a certain situation. A remote control is used when you want to correct the dog’s behavior by sending shock through the vibration from the collar.

Dogs can be annoying to your neighbors when they bark incessantly. Use a dog barking collar to stop your dog from barking your visitor. If you want your dog to stay put in a specific area of your backyard, dog containment is employed by burying an electric wire in the yard. The dog will receive the shock through the collar that is connected with the wire when it goes beyond the boundary of your yard.

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Friendship Between Kangchi and the 3 Little Kittens

One of the most important parts of being a new pet owner is doing the research on how to be a responsible pet owner. Make sure you learn the proper feeding and grooming techniques to care for your little one.

Cute Kittens and Puppy

Well, it is an old the tale that cats and dogs are enemies. I bet to disagree because my dog (Kangchi) and my three kittens get along together. On the first day of the three kittens in our house they are scared of Kangchi, I think it’s because it’s their first time to get along. But the second day, as I am feeding them w/ rice and some fish with milk to my surprise they eat together. And an hour ago, I saw them lying on the pillow I gave to Kangchi. They eat together, sleep together and play together.

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Meet Kangchi A Chocolate Color Puppy

After a few months of no pet dog when our beloved Jihoo went to pet heaven, here comes my new pet dog named “Kangchi”. I named her after the Koreanovela “The Story of Kangchi”. So happy to have a new pet, I got this dog from one of my mother’s customer on her buy and sell business.

Cute Chocolate Puppy

Kangchi is a  very cute and lovable puppy, when I brought her home the other day (December 28, 2013) I immediately bath him and get her “lice” and after that she sleeps. When my mother wants to take a bath she noticed that it’s smell bad in the bathroom, it turns out Kangchi’s do her business the bathroom and when I open the door  early this morning she went out and to my surprise she pee outside our house. Does it mean, we don’t need to train her to do her business outside the house? Well she is really cute right?

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How To Puppy Proof Your Home

When you get a new puppy there are some temporary and some permanent changes that you will need to make to your home. Although puppies are not people, they are family members that you will be sharing your home with, therefore they need to be accommodated . Here are a few ways to puppy proof your home, protect your things, and your new puppy.

 Their own space

Puppies are fun, cute, and exciting. When getting a new puppy, one of the first adjustments you will need to make to your home is creating a space for them. Letting a new puppy run free all over the house is like asking that puppy to poop on and chew up everything. If you choose to crate train your new puppy make a space in an area with a lot of traffic to put the crate. This way your puppy will not feel alone but still confined to their crate. Putting up a puppy run or play pin is an alternative to a crate. If you are going to have a room where your puppy is free to run around make sure that it is safe for them and there is no way that they can get out.


 Pick up

When getting a new puppy breaking the habit of  leaving things in the floor is one of the hardest things to do. This is also one of the fastest ways to endanger your new puppy. If you have ever been around a puppy you know that they eat absolutely everything is sight. Make sure to never leave and kind of food or food crumbs in the floor. If you have children this might result in only eating in the kitchen to prevent any crumbs or food in the floor. Getting in the habit of not leaving anything on the floor you don’t want the puppy to chew up is a must. Picking up also includes anything you don’t want the puppy to have an accident on including rugs. Puppies are not potty trained right away and will have accidents at first before they learn better.


Be careful when using house hold cleaners around areas where the puppy has access too. You might want to look into buying all natural cleans just to be safe. If your puppy comes in contact with a toxic house hold cleaner is can make them very sick. When using cleaners make sure they are all the way wiped up. Going back after with water and a wash rag will prevent any residue that your puppy could inhale or lick up. This is only to prevent your puppy for getting sick and help them have a long happy life.

Security System

Unfortunately most security system alarms will be triggered by a pet’s movement within the house, this can turn into a real pain and annoyance. To prevent this issue I chose Smith Monitoring a New Braunfel home security company, as my home security provider because their systems are so advanced that pets do not trip the alarms in the house. This has saved me from tons of scares and inconveniences.

Author Bio: 

Ally is a writer, wife, youth mentor, and health nut. Follow her blogs for all the current trends on home, health, and family.

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Be a Responsible Pet Owner

The two dogs of our next door neighbor are unbearable these days, they barked so much that it is hard to sleep at night or in the morning.  The dogs was already moved to new apartment when my husband complain to the owner that they barked too much but dunno what happened why they were return next door, what we are thinking is the next door neighbor of the dogs to the other apartment also complain about their excessive barking.

Just the other day my husband was annoyed for not having proper sleep before going to his work so when he passed on the next door neighbor and the dogs started barking again he shout to the dogs to stop and slam the door without knowing if the owner was there or not, as she is always not at home leaving the dogs alone in her apartment.

Cute Puppies
Responsible ownership doesn’t only means having the dog and giving them food to eat,  the owner should be responsible enough to take care of them when needed and not just leave them alone inside her apartment when she is not around most of the time.  She should not owned a dog when she has no time to pet or train them to stop barking excessively during wee hours. She should walk her pet daily,  make time to play with them and socialized them with other pets or human so they will not barked in just simple noise from the outside.

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Walking a Puppy

When the website Friendster bid goodbye as social network I back-up most of my photos to other site like multiply and flickr.  The other day I browse all the pictures I uploaded in picture and I stumble to Scottie’s picture, our lovely dog.  I got Scottie from a relative, he was very small compare to his dog siblings.


I once took him to work because I can’t get enough of his cuteness, he was mistakenly as chihuahua thought he was not he’s only a native dog. The funny thing though when I allowed him to walk in the street, he walked like his feet is one inch away from the ground. I think the pavement was too hot for his tiny feet.

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