Vacationing? What to do With Your Pet

Going on vacation is in many ways the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you intend to spend it traveling. However, if you are a pet owner, going on vacation can pose a problem as to how to meet their needs while you are away. Here are your three main options:

Take Them With You

The simplest solution is to simply take your pet with you on the trip! The problem is that may not be the most practical solution. You can’t always be sure in advance whether pets will be welcome everywhere you go on your trip. You should also consider the temperament and degree of self-control your pet has, as it may be that your pet simply doesn’t like to travel. If your pet is miserable on the road, it may behave in ways that will make yourself and others miserable as well.

Travelling with Pets

Consult the Vet

One way to help you decide whether to take your pet with you is to consult a veterinarian, preferably one that already knows your pet. They will be able to give you advice as to whether your pet is likely to take well to travel and what you need to do to make that traveling comfortable and safe for your pet.

Find a Friend

If you decide to leave your pet behind, one option is to get a responsible friend to look after them. Your pet can either stay with the friend, or the friend can come to your house each day. Ideally, this pet sitter would be someone your pet already knows. Make sure there is plenty of food and that the sitter has the vet’s number in case of emergency.

Board Your Pet

One of the best alternatives is to put your pet in a kennel or other facility specifically designed for the temporary storage of pets. These facilities can be very nice, almost like a luxury pet resort. The staff have had extensive experience with a wide range of animals, breeds and pet personalities, so they will probably have no problem making your pet have a vacation of their own.

In consultation with your vet, you should be able to find a solution that works for your pet, while still allowing you to enjoy your vacation with full peace of mind that your pet will be well cared for.

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Hamsters as Pets

The kids of my first cousin have hamsters as pets, my sister asked for a pair for her own. She was given two pairs of hamsters, since we have no proper cage for the hamsters they were just kept in an open plastic fruit container.  Time flies and they were very healthy and older, we decided to separate both pairs when one of the female hamsters gave birth but due to unfortunate event, the baby hamsters didn’t even lasts a day.


After few weeks the second female hamster gave birth to eleven baby hamsters, and she is nurturing them well. Some of our neighbors already asked for a pair for them to pet and we said yes since we can’t take care all of them.

We are also planning to give hamsters to my kid’s cousin, since their hamsters died.  The mother hamsters went missing after being taken out from the cage and since nobody will nurture the baby hamsters died afterwards.

We actually don’t know what happened until a neighbour kid asked to borrow a hamster for school project, she told us my cousin’s son asked her to do it.  After long deliberation we found from our grandmother what happened and the real reason why my cousin’s daughter and not the son is asking for a hamster.   Our grandmother’s guessed is maybe my cousin’s daughter told her teacher about having hamsters at home so the teacher asked for her own hamster to take care but their hamsters are all gone and since those time our hamster are still young and no babies yet we told our grandmother we can’t give them a pair of hamsters yet since what we are having is still the pair that were given to us.

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Owning a Dog in an Apartment

It was been one week since we moved to this new apartment, we are on the 4th floor.  There’s really no major problems  aside from the dog owned by the other occupants before us, every time we went out or walked to the elevator the dogs keep barking and sometimes it keeps barking too at night. I didn’t mind it but my husband doesn’t like it because he said it was a big disturbance for someone trying to sleep.

Owning  a pet for apartment dwellers is not sometimes allowed but I guess in this apartment it is fine to own pets. If you are planning to move to a new apartment and you have pets with you consult first your apartment landlord and see the lease agreement before bringing home your dog.

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